The Miz Talks About What It Was Like To Work With LaVar Ball On WWE Raw, Says He Went Entirely Off-Script

Five months ago, the Big Baller Brand crew of Lonzo, LaMelo and LaVar Ball were featured for an entire segment as WWE Raw at the Staples Center.

LaVar took his shirt off and talked shit to Miz, LaMelo dropped an N-bomb on live television, and he WWE was forced to apologize. You know, just your average night of wrestling fun. However, not everyone in the wrestling world bought into LaVar’s schtick…

The Miz, who was featured in the segment with the Balls, recently revealed on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast how he has a lot of respect for LaVar Ball for his attentiveness to his children and his ability to conjure up drama and get people talking. The Miz also said that LaVar went totally off-script during his widely anticipated segment, and Miz was forced to weather the storm and keep LaVar on track.

Miz explained, as transcribed by Total Pro Sports:

“I walk into their dressing room to go over the script … And [LaVar] says, ‘Nah, we’re good.’ So [I think] ‘I guess we’re going to wing it.

I didn’t hear it (referring to the N-word).

There’s so much going on, and I think it was during Dean Ambrose’s music. In the ring, sometimes you can’t even hear the person that is speaking to you. I’m literally a really good lip-reader a lot of the time because there’s so much [noise].

“It was not planned at all. I was like, ‘I’m just gonna let him do his thing because guess what? People are going to be talking about it for months on end.”

Check out the full five minute interview below.

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