Sting Officially Retired During WWE Hall Of Fame Induction And His Final Speech Was Amazing

Last night, during his WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech, wrestling legend Sting finally announced his retire from the sport. He’s been sidelined for months with a neck and back injury.

In recent interviews , Sting downplayed the retirement chatter,  even hinting at a possible dream match against The Undertaker at some point down the road. But during his acceptance speech, Sting revealed sometimes a guy just has to know when to hang up the boots.

“It’s something that, man, I battled it all the way up to the last minute pretty much…as to whether or not I was going to retire. It just makes sense right now, I don’t want to [retire] — every wrestler [wants] one more match, one more match! Although I do believe wholeheartedly I could do it [one more match], I just think that it’s just time for me to put my boots in the middle of the ring.”

At the end of his speech, Sting promised this “wasn’t goodbye, just ‘see you later’, and grabbed some trademark gear before making his way off stage.

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