Steve Austin Dropped Vince McMahon With A Glorious Stone Cold Stunner [Video]

I’m not as big of a wrestling fan now as I was in my teens, but when I was Stone Cold Steve Austin was my guy. I mean the dude slammed beers and dropped stunners on people. What not to love. He was a man’s man. I was fortunate enough to meet him back at our old Toad Hop Network Studios in Hollywood where he started his podcast, and the guys couldn’t of been nicer. Anyways, I’m rabbling now and bragging, during tonights 25th anniversary show of RAW, Steve Austin gave his famous Stone Cold stunner to both Vince and Shane McMahon. And lets just say, the crowd loved every minute of it.

Of course Stone Cold had to speak his mind after the show.

As for shows anniversary, the company went big with the show’s opening montage. It’s a really great walk down memory lane even if you’re not a big-time fan of professional wrestling.

[via WWE]

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