Ski Jump World Record Broken TWICE In One Day, Skier Jumps 277 Yards! [Video]

The elite members of ski jumping gathered in Vikersund, Norway last weekend for a World Cup event which saw the Ski Jump World Record broken not once but twice. The standing world record was set just two years ago by Anders Fannemel. Coincidentally, Anders also set that record in Vikersund, Norway.

The first time the record fell over the weekend was when Robert Johansson launched himself an astounding 252 meters. You can see footage of that here. But that record wouldn’t stand for long because Stefan Kraft of Austria went on to break it by jumping a record-setting 253.5 meters:

To contextualize that record a little bit, 253.5 meters is equal to 277.23 yards (832 feet), or nearly three football fields. That’s how far Stefan Kraft was flying through the air during his ski jump world record, almost three goddamn football fields. Or, as noted on Fox Sports Buzzer, it would be the equivalent of jumping approximately 8.8 basketball courts.



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