Ski Instructor Has The Chillest Response After Getting Impaled In The Face By A Tree Branch

We take you to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where Natty Hagood is a ski instructor who was carving up the pow-pow when KA-POW-POW!!! The 29-year-old began to ski down a path through the forest when he had his fearsome injury after getting skewered by a tree branch.

Hagood who not only supplied this terrifying photo to the Idaho State Journal, but gave the best quotes of all time from anyone impaled on a tree branch.

On having a branch through his face …

“When I laugh, I have to hold the left side of my face down at this weird angle that makes me look like this crotchety old man,” he said. “And I drool more than I used to.”

On his first words after realizing he had a branch through his face …

“Holy crap, I just got impaled. And then I yelled over to Pete, ‘Hey look I got a new piercing.’”

On problem solving …

“It was initially about a foot and half long,” Hagood said. “But I braced it against my cheek and snapped it down to about 6 inches. Ski patrol was all like, ‘You’re crazy, man.’”

On pain management …

“The most painful part of the experience was the numbing shots from the hospital,”

Hagood is trying to raise money to help offset his $1,500 hospital bill. Which, actually sounds surprisingly cheap when you have a giant branch through your lip.

Skier Impaled In Face By Tree Branch

[h/t Washington Post]


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