Rory McIlroy Faces Off Against Driving Range Robot in New European Tour Commercial [Video]

Rory-versus-the-RobotThe European Tour show cased its newest ad, which involves professional golfer and club-breaker Rory McIlroy competing against one of his toughest opponents yet—Jeff, the Golf Laboratory Computer-Controlled Hitting Machine. 


Jeff comes up with a challenge for McIlroy: Hit the laundry machines.


You might be asking yourself, why laundry machines? Well, there is a perfectly good reason, and Jeff has done some research. The robot knows that, as a boy, McIlroy practiced his chipping skills by hitting balls into his mother’s washing machine for hours on end. The robot and McIlroy tee off, and the rest is all skill shots, trash-talking and robot humor.


McIlroy and Jeff go at it for a while, sending shots at different washers placed throughout the range. All the while, Jeff is chirping in the pro’s ear, bantering and messing with his head.



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