Nitro Circus Rider Josh Sheehan Pulled Off The World’s First FMX Triple Backflip [Video]

Aussie dirt bike stunt rider Josh Sheehan just flipped his way into the sports record books. Yesterday morning, Nitro Circus rider Josh Sheehan just landed the first ever ‘triple backflip’ on a dirt bike and it’s already being heralded as the ‘Biggest Trick in Action Sports History’. Much like when Tony Hawk landed the first ever 900 on a skateboard vert pipe in the X Games, Josh Sheehan is already sending shockwaves through the extreme sports world.

Considered by some to be the best FMX rider in the world, Josh Sheehan rides for Nitro Circus, the team founded by legendary FMX rider Travis Pastrana.

This trick in particular requires a speed of 55 mph (FMX bike weighing 200-pounds) as he shoots up the 37-foot tall takeoff ramp positioned at an 81-degree angle. In order to pull off the triple backflip it was expected that Josh would need to reach a height of 80-feet in the air before landing on the 60-foot long landing ramp. Presumably he hit that 80-foot apex as it’s obvious he pulled the jump off.

F***ing INSANE bro!FMX-sheehan

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