High School QB Ejected From Playoff Game For Celebrating Touchdown with Cam Newton Superman Celebration


Jalan McClendon, a highly-recruited high school QB, was ejected from a playoff game for scoring a touchdown and then celebrating, Cam Newton-style aka “The Superman”. From the Charlotte Observer:


NCHSAA supervisor of officials Mark Dreibelbis told the Observer Monday that officials did not eject McClendon for taunting, which would have triggered a two-game suspension. Dreibelbis said McClendon was disqualified for an unsportsmanlike act, which just meant he had to sit out the remainder of the game.


McClendon is a 6-foot-4 junior and has “scholarship offers from North Carolina, Duke and Wake Forest” and South Carolina and Tennessee are interested as well. The ejection seems a little to much for the celebration. I understand that you should just hand the ball to the ref, but not even a flag? It’s a playoff game.


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