High School Baseball Player Fouls One Off His Junk And His Reaction Is Pure Comedy Gold [Video]

If you have a set of dick and balls, you’ve experienced the excruciating, organ-twisting pain that is associated with being whacked in the twig and berries. Death is a more appetizing option for the 2 minutes that you feel like Mike Tyson punched you in the gut with brass knuckles. The only thing worse than getting hit in the nuts is getting hit in the nuts with hundreds of witnesses.

Just ask Dan O’Reilly, a junior at Henry Sibley High in St. Paul, Minnesota. He fouled a hard baseball off his testes and watch him revert back to infancy.

I truly hope O’Reilly dabbing to show that he’s okay catches fire and replaces the lame thumbs up.

[h/t Deadspin]

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