Forbes Reveals The 10 Highest-Paid WWE Wrestlers

Forbes has put out its list of the 10 highest-paid WWE wrestlers and there are no real surprises. While none of this has been confirmed by the WWE, the publication compiled “earnings estimates for the 2016 calendar year based on the WWE’s public filings, booking contracts, pay documents as well as interviews with industry insiders.”

We don’t know how accurate this is, so take it with a grain of salt.

Here’s the list.

1. Brock Lesnar, $12 million

2. John Cena, $8 million

3. Triple H, $3.8 million

4. Roman Reigns, $3.5 million

5. Dean Ambrose, $2.7 million

6. A.J. Styles, $2.4 million

7. Shane McMahon, $2.2 million

8. (tie) The Undertaker, Seth Rollins, $2 million

10. Randy Orton, $1.9 million

None of those names are really surprising, and neither is the order. I’m just wondering were Gronk will be ranked once he retires from the NFL and joins the WWE. It’s happening folks.

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