The Kart Awakens! Mario Kart & Star Wars Combine Forces For One Amazing Video Game

The gamers over at Dark Pixel just put together one of the greatest games of all time (if it ever came out on a gaming system). I mean what is better than combing the best video game of ever in Mario Kart and the greatest movie series of all time Star Wars into one magical game!

Here’s what the developers said about the game:

Mario Kart and Star Wars just go together so perfectly now! We didn’t even realize it before, but now we can’t live without it. This game needs to be made! The world of Super Mario Brothers and The Force need to be combined! Mario Parkour was nice, but Super Mario Star Wars is an absolute necessity! Speaking of Mario Bros Parkour… a Sequel may soon be coming out!

A Mario Bros Parkour would be AWESOME! This ‘Star Wars’ v. ‘Mario Kart’ hybrid game doesn’t exist, in this universe at least, but that’s about to be seriously reconsidered once anyone from Nintendo lays eyes on this masterpiece. Dark Pixel’s attention to detail, character voiceovers, the soundtrack, is for lack of a better word, genius.

These screen shots are amazing:

star kart img 1

star kart img 3

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