EA Releases AMAZING Trailer For The Star Wars ‘Battlefront’ Video Game [Video]

As some of our new readers might not know, I am 100% unrepentant Star Wars fanatic, and after watching yesterday’s teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I literally want to grab a light saber and destroy the empire. What our new readers might not also know, is I’m a video game nerd, and today’s trailer from for the upcoming Electronic Arts Star Wars “Battlefront” video game made me want to Chewbacca wookie scream.The video game comes out in November and I’m pretty sure I’m going to pre-order a copy this afternoon so I have it at mid-night on the day of release.

I can’t wait to blast some Star Troopers and chase Tie Fighters in an X-Wing over the snowy tundra.

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