Watch All This Year’s Black Friday Chaos, Fights And Tramplings In This Glorious Compilation Video

Every time this barbaric day comes around, I seriously wonder how we have evolved this far as human beings. On Black Friday we see the worst in humanity has to offer. There were four people shot, two of which died, in disturbing altercations on Black Friday. There were other troubling acts of greed, selfishness, and thuggery on Black Friday 2016.

People fought over towels. Yes, towels. How much could you save on towels? Aren’t they normally only like $7?

Then there was this nasty brawl at a mall.

Let’s recap all the despicable behavior from this year’s Black Friday with this unbelievable compilation of dumbass shoppers.

All to save a couple hundred buck on that new TV, or new drone. Get a F*CKING life people.

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