New Video Shows “Cash Me Outside” Girl Getting Her Ass Beat [Video]

Danielle Bregoli might be the most hated teen in all of America. The outspoken internet sensation has created an entire business based on her outrageous antics from an appearance on Dr. Phil and by uttering her mantra, “Cash Me Ousside.” Well, someone did indeed “catch her outside” and delivered a brutal ass beating to the brash internet “celebrity.”

From the video, it appears the Cash Me Ousside girl was beaten up by another girl in a brutal street fight. The strange thing is Bregoli didn’t even seem to fight back during the whole ordeal, and then walked away meekly after her beatdown.

There is now word on who the other girl is, or if charges will be pressed.

It seems Bregoli’s 5 minutes of fame is up, and people are letting her know it.

We will update this story as more details come out.

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