INSANE VIDEO:Daredevil Attempts To Jump From A Roof Into A Pool And Misses!

You know all of those thrilling videos where daredevils jump from a high roof and make a perfect landing into the pool? Yeah, well this isn’t one of those. This shows the excruciatingly painful results of not making it into the pool and slamming into the rock-hard pavement instead.

Daredevil xo 8Booth has posted eight videos of pool jumps on his YouTube account. He should have stopped at seven. On his last attempt, he jumped off a roof and juuuuuuuuust missed splashing entirely in the pool. He smashed his feet. And as you can imagine, the results were painful.

His medical diagnosis is “both feet shattered as well as heels.”

Here’s the entire video including his nasty injuries.

8Booth has started a GoFundMe to pay for his hospital bills, and as of print, he has raised $325 of his ambitious $274,000 goal. I guess new feet are pricey these days. To all you wannabe daredevils, learn from 8Booth’s smashed feet. And at the very least have health insurance before doing stupid shit.

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