Guy Wins $650 Dare By Sticking His Bare Ass Onto A Beehive Full Of Angry Bees [Video]

This is the moment a barmy beekeeper pulled down his trousers and sat his nude bottom into a BEE HIVE – for £500.

Aurel Braguta challenged his pal Jamie Grainger to take a sit down on a swarm with his bare bum last Monday 14 August, on a farm in rural Matamata for 1,000 New Zealand dollars.

Jamie was challenged to ‘sit for 30 seconds’ in the bees after his other colleague had failed to do the same thing moments earlier – barely lasting 19 seconds in the swarm.

Eye-watering footage shows the potty 27-year-old drop his trousers and plonk his bare behind into the angry hive while cupping his manhood in a bid to keep that safe, earning around £560 for the feat.

According to the Daily Mail, 27-year-old Jamie Grainger had to keep his bare ass touching the beehive for a full 30 seconds in order to win the bet. We can see him screaming out in pain during the challenge, and protecting his twig and giggleberries with his life. He later said that “$1,000 bucks for 30 seconds” is the easiest money he’s ever earned.

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