‘Epic Hoverboard Front Flip’ Is A New Contender For Best FAIL Video Of 2016, And I Can’t Stop Watching It

I first want to say that I was an owner of a hoverboard, but sold it after only two weeks when I realized…

A) I looked like a D-Bag riding one around my block.

B) I was already lazy, and would become lazier (I started to walk the dog while riding it & using it in the house just to go from the coach to the fridge.)


C) It was only a matter of time before I ate shit and broke something.

Kinda like this dude, who just made the perfect viral video:

I could seriously watch that all day. Now go forth into the world and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR BROS because everyone wants to laugh at a person busting ass on one of these stupid things.

jgWqEip - Imgur


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