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Columbus Police Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Ohio State Fans After School Wins National Championship

In a story you can almost set your watch to, there were some disagreements between partiers and local authorities about the appropriate way to celebrate a national championship. The Columbus Dispatch, whose video above shows revelers on High Street getting cleared out with pepper spray and tear gas, notes that there over 40 reports of fires on the police scanner, including three burning couches, while a police spokeswoman told NBC that about 8,000 fans broke into the Horseshoe and brought down a goalpost. It doesn’t sound like there were too many arrests.

Meanwhile, Eugene’s police and fire departments were reportedly dealing with their own series of conflagrations:

[Video via Columbus Dispatch; Display image via NBC News]


CNN Reporter Sarah Sidner Hit In The Head With A Rock While Giving Report In Ferguson [Video]

CNN’s Sarah Sidner is was some fantastic field reporting from the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri last night. Unfortunately, some evil scumbags threw a rock and hit her in the head mid-report. She luckily was ok, and said that she had a lump but “is fine.” You have to feel for her being attacked like that while trying to do her job.


UConn Rioters Throw Light Post Through Building Window, Start Fires in the Streets

No. 7 UConn capped off their improbable run to the 2014 NCAA national championship with a dramatic 60-54 win over No. 8 Kentucky, and, not surprisingly, students took to the streets to celebrate.

Riot police were called in to prevent too much damage, but that didn’t stop a few idiots, as students threw a light post through the IT building window, and started fires in the streets:

(Warning: Some NSFW language in the videos)



Egypt: 27 People Killed in Riot, Including Two Police Officers & Two Soccer Players [Video]

Egypt: 27 People Killed in Riot, Including Two Police Officers & Two Soccer Players [Video]


At least 27 people, including two soccer players and two policemen, are dead after angry relatives and residents rampaged through an Egyptian port city Saturday after a judge sentenced nearly two dozen soccer fans to death for involvement in deadly violence after a game last year.



The violence in Port Said erupted after a judge sentenced 21 people to death in connection with the Feb. 1 soccer melee that killed 74 fans of the Cairo-based Al-Ahly team.


Immediately after Saturday’s verdict was read live on state TV, two policemen were shot dead outside Port Said’s main prison when angry relatives tried to storm the facility to free the defendants. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as live rounds, at the crowd outside the prison.


In other parts of the city, residents tried to storm the governor’s office, police stations, the power station and the main court building. Residents occupied one police station in the east of Port Said.


The director of hospitals in Port Said, Dr. Abdel-Raham Farah, said two local soccer players were shot to death as they were apparently on their way to practice. He identified them as Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, who played for the city’s Al-Marikh club, and Tamer al-Fahla, who used to play for the city’s main Al-Masry team. Al-Diwazi was shot three times, the doctor said.


The unrest was the latest in a bout of violence that has left a total of 38 people dead in two days, including 11 killed in clashes between police and protesters marking Friday’s second anniversary of the uprising that overthrew longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.



[Information via Associated Press]





Wide World of Sports: Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Rivalry Explodes into a Riot & Tear Gas Used [Video]


I never knew wheelchair basketball was such a competitive sport, but its taken very seriously in Turkey. Fans of bitter rival teams Galatasary and Besiktas hurled objects onto the court midway through the second quarter of their game last weekend, injuring several players. Players and coaches attempted to reason with the rabid crowd, but it was to no avail, as the police were subsequently called in and used tear gas to disperse the angry mob.



[Information via Busted CoverageEuro News


Video: Kentucky Fans Riot and Burn Couches after Beating Rival Louisville…



Kentucky beat rival Louisville last night to reach the NCAA Title Game. Reports of rioting emerged. Here are some videos… 



Video: One of over 39 fires reported in the city of Lexington, following Kentucky’s victory over Louisville in the Final Four.




Video: More fires on State Street following Kentucky’s win over Louisville in the Final Four