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Kobe Bryant on ESPN Ranking: “I’ve Known For a Long Time That They’re a Bunch of Idiots”

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Kobe Bryant is unhappy with ESPN, but then again who isn’t these days. From the East coast bias tag, to over saturating the media with players like Tim Tebow, Tom Brady,  and Johnny Manziel, to loving the Red Sox and Yankees, and coming up with stupid rankings, the “World Wide Leader in Sports” can get under your skin from time to time. And now they’ve pissed of one of the greatest Lakers of all time.

As part of its NBA preview, ESPN is ranking the Top 100 players in the NBA. LeBron is first, Kevin Durant is second, and on and on. But where’s Kobe?

The 5-time NBA champ who is undoubtedly one of the best players of all-time, was ranked as just the 40th best player in the NBA in 2014 by ESPN. I don’t want to get into the metrics they used to come to such a ranking, but suffice to say, nobody believes there are 40 people “better” than Kobe in the NBA right now.

Some media member with nothing better to ask, posed the question to Kobe: What do you think about the ranking?

Even the Kobe haters (the logical ones) can agree with that.



NBA Over/Unders: Great Expectations for Cavs, Negative Outlook for Lakers

In the midst of the NFL and College Football season, the MLB Playoffs, NASCAR Sprint Cup, and EPL soccer, you might have forgotten that the 2014-15 NBA season is right around the corner. 

Well, Media Day was earlier this week and Las Vegas Superbook oddsmaker Jeff Sherman has released the first set of NBA over/under totals.

  • Atlanta Hawks 40.5
  • Boston Celtics 26.5
  • New Jersey Nets 41.5
  • Charlotte Hornets 45.5
  • Chicago Bulls 55.5
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 58.5
  • Dallas Mavericks 49.5
  • Denver Nuggets 40.5
  • Detroit Pistons 36.5
  • Golden State Warriors 50.5
  • Houston Rockets 49.5
  • Indiana Pacers 32.5
  • Los Angeles Clippers 55.5
  • Los Angeles Lakers 31.5
  • Memphis Grizzlies 48.5
  • Miami Heat 43.5
  • Milwaukee Bucks 24.5
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 25.5
  • New Orleans Pelicans 41.5
  • New York Knicks 40.5
  • Oklahoma City Thunder 57.5
  • Orlando Magic 28.5
  • Philadelphia 76ers 15.5
  • Phoenix Suns 42.5
  • Portland Trail Blazers 48.5
  • Sacramento Kings 30.5
  • San Antonio Spurs 56.5
  • Toronto Raptors 49.5
  • Utah Jazz 25.5
  • Washington Wizards 49.5

Some of the most notable team win totals are the Chicago Bulls (48-34 last season), as the number seems a little high, even though they added Pau Gasol, their is still uncertainty of what they are going to get out of Derrick Rose. Does Gasol and a questionable Rose mean 8 more wins?

As for the Cavs (33-49 last season), now with hometown hero Lebron James and recently acquired Kevin Love are obviously huge improvements, and we know the East is top heavy, so is winning 26 more games that much of a stretch? Remember the Heat struggled early in Lebron’s first year, but ended up finishing 58-24.  After winning 66 games in 2012-2013, the Heat won “just” 54 games last year, a result of stepping off the gas pedal a little bit and resting Dwyane Wade a lot. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the Cavs gel, and whether they go all out to get the best seed they can this year.

The Lakers (27-55 last season) win total seems a bit low with the return of Kobe Bryant. As this number does not reflect a high degree of confidence in Bryant to come back from his Achilles injury and regain superstar stature, nor do they say good things about his supporting cast.

Other interesting totals include the Boston Celtics (25-57 last season), how long will Rajon Rondo be out? Will they have him for the whole season? Does Houston (54-28 last season) regress by six games in a much tougher Western Conference? How much of a championship hangover will the Spurs (62-20 last season) go through?

As Bovada sportsbook director Kevin Bradley says the Spurs and Thunder would be favored over the Cavs in a hypothetical NBA Finals matchup if they had home field advantage.


Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: “Identical Plays” Video Syncs Absolutely Amazing [Video]

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest NBA stars  in the world, and both get buckets in eerily similar fashion in the third installment of the “identical plays” series by YouTube user Youssef Hannoun. The video apparently took about 3-4 months to make. The time was well-spent; the production is just phenomenal.

Here are the previous two versions:

[h/t Lakerholicz.com]


Kobe Bryant Socked a Dinger at Richard Sherman’s Charity Softball Game [Video]

Richard Sherman’s charity softball game, which drew over 22,000 spectators at SafeCo Field on Sunday. Participants in the game included Nate Robinson, Lawyer Milloy, Macklemore, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Kemp, Russell Wilson, and a bunch of Sherman’s other Seahawks teammates.

Kobe has yet to make his NBA return after missing most of last season, but the Los Angeles Lakers great looks to be ready for competition if his softball prowess is any indication.

Bryant hit an opposite-field home run as captured by Instagram account LakersWorld16:

Kobe later claimed he hadn’t swung a bat in 20 years, which, more likely than not, was a blatant lie.


Jeremy Lin Traded to Lakers as Rockets Clear Room For Chris Bosh

Jeremy Lin is headed to the Lakers in a trade that will help Houston land Chris Bosh, as the dismantling of the Miami Heat continues.

Lin is going to LA along with a 1st round pick in 2015 and a second round pick in the future. In return, Houston gets cash and the rights to an overseas player, according to Yahoo.

Pushed into a sixth-man role with Patrick Beverley taking over starting point guard duties thanks to his defense, Lin continued to develop as an offensive threat.

While his assists (5.2 per 36 minutes) took a noticeable drop, he became more efficient scoring the ball, averaging 15.6 points per 36 minutes to go with career highs in true-shooting percentage (57.2) and effective field-goal percentage (50.8). Moreover, the Rockets outscored opponents by 5.1 points per 100 possessions while he was on the floor, per NBA.com

This move is crucial for the Rockets because it does two things: 1) Allows Houston to offer Chris Bosh a max contract and 2) Allows Houston to match the offer sheet that the Mavericks gave to him last week.

It’s safe to assume that the Rockets are serious contenders in the West, especially with a lineup that may look like this:

PG – Patrick Beverley/Isaiah Canaan/Nick Johnson
SG – James Harden/Troy Daniels/Francisco Garcia
SF – Chandler Parsons
PF – Chris Bosh/Terrence Jones
C – Dwight Howard/Donatas Montiejunas

As for the Lakers? They’ll sell a lot of tickets because people may want to see Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant, but beyond that … doesn’t look like a playoff team.


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LeBron James & Kobe Bryant Top Forbes’ List of 2013 NBA Endorsement Deal Earners

To the surprise of no one, Miami Heat four-time MVP LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers five-time champion Kobe Bryant are incredibly wealthy.

The earnings of those superstars goes well beyond their annual salaries, as James and Bryant top Forbes’ list of NBA endorsement deal earners in 2013, per Kurt Badenhausen.

King James raked in $42 million from his endorsement and shoe deals with Nike, while Bryant came in second among NBAers by earning $34 million from the same company.

The rest of Association’s top endorsement earners were as follows, per Forbes:


NBA’s Top Endorsement Earners of 2013
Player Team Earnings Company
Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls $21 million Adidas
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder $14 million Nike
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat $12 million Li-Ning
Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks $9 million Jordan/Nike
Amar’e Stoudemire New York Knicks $6.5 million Nike
Dwight Howard Houston Rockets $6 million Adidas
Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers $6 million Jordan/Nike
Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers $4 million Jordan/Nike