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Junior Seau’s Home in Oceanside Burglarized Just 5 Days After Death…

Just five days after Junior Seau shot himself at his Oceanside home on May 2, someone broke into the house and stole a bike from Seau’s garage, according to local police.

That news made its way to the public on Tuesday via the North County Times and, yes, it’s as disgusting as you might imagine.


Seau was honored by friends and family on Friday night, and yet there was someone out there that felt compelled to break into the late linebacker’s garage via the doggie door and steal a bike.


According to police, the bike is a basic beach cruiser (though more valuable), and it was the only thing stolen from the house. Additionally, no other rooms were broken into.


Stealing a bike from a recently deceased man’s house is just about the worst thing you can do, and the only good thing that comes from this piece of news is that the police have a solid description of the bike (grey with chrome fenders, a black seat and 143 spokes on each wheel).


–That way, the creep who decided to rob Seau’s home will hopefully be caught by police.–


Former Teammate Gary Plummer Claims Junior Seau Suffered Over 1,500 Concussions…

Gary Plummer was a linebacker on the San Diego Chargers in the early-90s, patrolling the middle with Junior Seau. (Plummer also played with the 49ers and won a Super Bowl).) The two were friends, and Seau’s suicide last week hit Plummer hard. Here’s what Plummer told Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News about concussions and football:



“In the 1990s, I did a concussion seminar. They said a Grade 3 concussion meant you were knocked out, and a Grade 1 meant you were seeing stars after a hit, which made me burst out in laughter. As a middle linebacker in the NFL, if you don’t have five of these (Grade 1 effects) each game, you were inactive the next game.


“Junior played for 20 years. That’s five concussions a game, easily. How many in his career then? That’s over 1,500 concussions. I know that’s startling, but I know it’s true. I had over 1,000 in my 15 years. I felt the effects of it. I felt depression going on throughout my divorce. Junior went through it with his divorce.”


JoesClubHouse: GOODBYE 55

There I was at work, taking my lunch break and checking out some news headlines when I read the following three words  in Yahoo’s trending section, “Junior Seau Dead”.



My jaw dropped.  I was completely stunned and in a state of disbelief.  My first thoughts were that it was of some sort of vehicle crash.  I clicked over on the topic to read the headlines on Seau’s passing.  It was there I became completely saddened to learn the early evidence was indicating that Seau’s passing was a suicide due to a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the chest.


All I could think about was the family and friends left behind to pick up the pieces of this senseless tragedy.  How could a man at the age of 43, who was not only the face of a franchise, but the face of the city of San Diego during his time with the Chargers reach such a low point that he chose to take his own life?


My thoughts and prayers to Seau’s loved ones as they try to cope with this senseless tragedy.  May all of them find the closure and peace they deserve.


Here was someone who seemed to have it all.  He had fame, fortune, a hall of fame football legacy on both the professional and college level along with a successful business.


He was beloved by thousands who never knew him on a personal level.  He touched the lives of countless football players of all ages.  By many accounts, he was a great teammate and citizen in the community.


On the field he was the epitome of how the game should be played.  Seau played with a non-stop passion and energy from opening kick off to final whistle, regardless of score.  This is the Junior Seau I will  remember as I continue to process his tragic death.


I am a Raider fan and I grew up rooting for UCLA.  As far as rivalries go I couldn’t have been more opposite of Seau.  He was always wreaking havoc on the teams I loved.  He played with a non-stop motor.  His tackles were relentless.  His enthusiasm and passion were matched by few.  Whether you rooted for him or against him (as I often did), there was no doubt that you were watching one of the greatest to every play the game.


This is the Junior Seau I will remember.  Thank you for giving us the privilege to see you play the game the right way.  Thank you for entertaining us for countless hours on both Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you for having been part of the generation of football players I grew up admiring.


Goodbye Junior Seau and may you find the peace you’re looking for.  All of us who have memories of your passionate play between the lines and your positive encounters outside of it will forever miss you.


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A Shooting Has Reportedly Occurred at Junior Seau’s Oceanside Home, Police On the Scene [UPDATE: Junior Seau Is Dead]

According to TMZ, there has been a shooting at the home of former USC and NFL star Junior Seau in Oceanside, California. According to this follow-up, there are reports that Junior Seau is dead, though that has not been confirmed at this time.


According to San Diego 10News, there has been a large police presence at the house since 10 am local time, and the roadway has been closed.


More to come with updates as they come in.


[UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that Junior Seau is dead, found inside the home. Police are investigating the shooting.]


Police today patched together some of the details surrounded Junior Seau’s suicide. Among them:


* Junior Seau was in his house this morning with his girlfriend. She went to the gym. When she returned, she found the former linebacker dead.


* Police did not find a suicide note at the scene. Police say it is possible he could have left an electronic note.


* Seau’s ex-wife told the Union Tribune that he texted her and his three children separately on Tuesday, “I love you.”