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Awesome Hockey Fight Ends in Best Way Possible, Opponents Giving Each Other High-Fives [Video]

The Sideline spotted this wonderful moment taken from a recent game in the Quebec-based LNAH, a semi-pro hockey league.

Watch as two players drop the gloves and start throwing blows like any good-old hockey fight.

However, the fight between Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch differs from most, because when it ends, high-fives and bro hugs are doled out as if the two guys were old friends from college.

Sports Illustrated’s Allan Muir has a bit more information on the game:

The two squared off during the weekend in a game between Thetford Mines and Marquis de Jonquiere in Quebec’s Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey semi-pro circuit, and while Roch gave up four inches and 40 pounds to the one-time Washington Capitals prospect it ended up being an epic battle.