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UFC 156 Full Fight Video Highlights: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

UFC 156 Full Fight Video Highlights: Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar


The UFC 156 pay-per-view card had its ups and downs on Saturday night. Joseph Benavidez and Ian McCall opened the evening with a fast paced flyweight contest. Demian Maia and Jon Fitch received mixed reviews from the fans. Antonio Silva delivered an adrenaline spike by stopping Alistair Overeem. Antonio Rogerio Noguiera squandered their lead in by playing patty-cake for 15 minutes, and then it was time for the main event, featherweight champion Jose Aldo facing former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.


The fight, billed by the promotion and all others that overlooked the fact that Edgar was coming off two consecutive defeats, was being labeled as a “Super Fight.” It wasn’t. But it was a super fight.


Aldo came out fast and showed Edgar that the speed advantage he held as a 155-pounder wasn’t going to transfer to the 145-pound division, as he used his speed to mark Edgar up early in the going landing strikes from distance.


Aldo’s speed advantage faded as the fight wore on. Edgar’s cardio and never-say-die attitude began to show through in the later rounds, but it wasn’t enough to earn him the victory.


The scores may have raised some eyebrows when they were read, but the final outcome was correct—Aldo did win the fight. The victory was the 15th straight win for Aldo and the 12th straight with the WEC/UFC.



Highlights: UFC 156: Aldo – Edgar by FOX_Sports_Interactive


UFC 156 – Aldo Vs. Edgar Live Tonight & ONLY on Paper-View!




UFC is back and ready to showcase their 3rd back to back card as UFC Feather-Weight Champion Jose Aldo defends his Title against Former UFC Light-Weight Champ Frankie Edgar!


Jose Aldo


Jose Aldo is without question one of the top 5 best fighters in the world, no question about it. The Former Champion of WEC – “World Extreme Cage fighting” – quickly made a name for himself when he destroyed Urijah Faber & signed with the UFC! Jose Aldo became a true legend of this sport when he successfully defended his UFC crown in incredible fashion. He defeated Mark Hominick – Kenny Florian & Urijah Faber’s training partner Chad Mendes! Jose has not fought in over a year, so it’s safe to he’s prepared and ready to get back into the cage, and it’s against his toughest opponent yet (imo).


Frankie Edgar



Frankie Edgar is the Former UFC Light-Weight Champion (155 Pounds) and has moved down in weight to (145 Pounds) to challenge himself for the Feather-Weight Crown. Frankie has accomplished a lot in this sport already, as he defeated BJ Penn in April of 2010 earning himself the Light-Weight Title. However Frankie’s journey had just begun as Gray Maynard quickly stepped up in line to face Edgar for the 2nd time. The fight ended in a draw, as an immediate rematch followed Edgar defeated Maynard in their third fight by KO! Frankie then faced Benson Henderson who defeated Edgar and claimed his title. Ben then defeated Frankie again when they rematched in August of 2012!


But now, Frankie Edgar is ready to tackle a new challenge as he makes his Feather-Weight debut against the champion Jose Aldo!


Rashad Evans and Rogerio Nogueira



Co-maining this event is Former Light Heavy-Weight Champ Rashad Evans who takes on one of the legends In Antonio Rogerio Nogueira!


Rashad Evans



Rashad Evans is a true veteran of this sport, his ever improving skills never cease to amaze me. Rashad won Season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter and went on to compete against the toughest guys in the business. Rashad is a fighter who not only improves every fight but learns from his mistakes & comes back even better. His last fight against the UFC Light Heavy-Weight Champion Jon Jones really made Rashad his best. Rashad now knows what he needs to do to make the rematch turn in his favor. Rashad trains out of the “Blackzillians” which is home to some of the top ranked fighters in the world – Vitor Belfort, Thiago Silva, Alistair Overeem ect. Rashad is ready to begin his comeback and this saturday is his chance.


Antonio Nog



Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is a legend of the Mixed Martial Arts world, he has been around longer than most fighters have. Little twin brother of UFC Veteran Minotauro Nogueira, Antonio has fought in PRIDE, Affliction, HCF & now the UFC. It’s safe to say Antonio is always ready to fight. The Nogueira brothers are known for their superior JuJitsu & have the ability to tap out any human being period. But don’t let the ground game fool you, the Nogueira brothers have improved their stand-up in every fight thus far. Antonio is never afraid of being taken down which this allows him to feel comfortable on his feet. Antonio is also an outstanding boxer as well, he represented his country “Brasil” in many boxing competitions. Antonio is not afraid to stand with Rashad Evans either. Antonio is coming off a victory of Tito Ortiz and now his eyes are set on Rashad.


Maia Vs. Fitch


Also to come is Welter-Weights Jon Fitch & Demian Maia!


Jon Fitch



Jon Fitch is a huge Welter-Weight contender and has fought big names such as BJ PennThiago AlvesDiego Sanchez and UFC Welter-Weight Champion Georges St-Pierre. Jon Fitch is a martial artist with a wrestling background which allows him to dictate where the fight goes. His striking is average and his submission skills are up to par with most BJJ experts, except for Damien Maia. It will be interesting to see Fitch’s game-plan going into this fight.


Damien Maia


Damien Maia is the fan favorite in this fight. Damien Maia has some of the best JuJitsu in the UFC bar none. Damien is coming off of two huge wins over Dong Hyun Kim by KO & Rick Story by Submission in the very first round! Damien has moved down from Middle-Weight where he fought huge names such as the UFC Middle-Weight Champion Anderson SilvaMark Munoz and Chris Weidman! Damien will look to stand up with Fitch & if things hit the ground, watch out for Maia’s superior ground game.


Maia Vs. Fitch



Alistair Overeem is back! The long awaited return is here as Alistar makes his comeback fight against Antonio Silva!


Overeem Vs. Silva






Alistar Overeem



Alistar Overeem is a huge Heavy-Weight contender and is finally returning after his suspension of performance enhancements. Alistar has been around the game for a while and it’s not going to take more than one mistake to make me dislike him. Alistar has fought in PRIDE, Strikeforce, K1, and now the UFC! Alistar is coming off a 8 fight win streak against Todd Duffee, Fabricio Werdum and retired recent Former Heavy-Weight Champ Brock Lesnar.


Antonio Silva



Antonio Silva is nicknamed “Big Foot” because the 6’4 beast has shown his own skills inside the octagon by defeating Andrei Arlovski and Wesley Correira. Antonio fought in  Elite XC, Strikeforce, and has now moved up to the UFC! His recently impressive victory over Travis Browne shows he’s ready and taking things serious after his terrible defeat from Current UFC Heavy-Weight Champion Cain Velasquez. Big Foot has impressive hands as well but has a serious BJJ Black Belt which allows him to pull of awesome submissions wherever the fight goes.



UFC 156



UFC 156 – 

































UFC 156 Live on Pay-Per-View: Aldo vs Edgar Predictions & Preview


UFC 156 Live on Pay-Per-View: Aldo vs Edgar Predictions & Preview
Wow! What a big card this is. In the main event we have one of the most electrifying fighters in the business, the Featherweight Champion of the World, Jose Aldo. He will be facing former Lighterweight Chamion of the World, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar. Next up, Rashad Evans is looking to climb back to the top, taking on the legend, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. After that we have the very talented Alistair Overeem set to make his long awaited return against, “Big Foot” Antonio Silva. Then, Jon Fitch is set to take on the expert submission artist Demian Maia. And last but not least Joseph Benavidez looks to get back on top but, standing in his way will be Iaan McCall.




I am reading a lot and people are labeling this fight as a “super fight”. I don’t understand why though.. We see fighters lose and as a result of that drop weight all. Usually they were former champions but, it doesn’t make it a “super fight”. I don’t even understand the term! What is a super fight? Would that be similar to the NFL’s super bowl or something? In that case the super bowl consists of two teams that has beaten every other team in the division in which they play. Super fights mean nothing to the sport. It is ridiculous and proves nothing! It would more than likely cause two champions of different weight classes to postpone any title shots for an extended period of time to train for such a fight. In which case two divisions have to be on hold for a fight that means absolutely nothing to the sport. This isn’t the WWF people. It is a sport. In a sports the deserving party gets to compete. A football team doesn’t get to talk shit or drop a division and automatically earn a title shot. I have seen this video where Dana White says, “I am going to make this the biggest sport in the world.” and I would not argue that but, at times it feels like it is just entertainment. Such as the Chael Sonnen losing to Anderson and then automatically moves up and gets a shot at Jon Jones. And here Jose Aldo has to defend his title against someone coming off of a loss, from a different weight class. Entertainment or sport? That being said, Frankie Edgar is going to be treated just like the last 11 opponents that stepped into the cage with Aldo. This fight makes absolutely no sense to me.





Here is a fight that makes a little more sense to me. Rashaad is dying to get back in the cage with his former training partner and Lightheavy Weight Champion of the World, Jon “Bones” Jones. But, Big Nog won’t just lay down and let that happen. “Suga” Rashaad Evans is a veteran who has been in the cage and beaten some of the biggest names in the UFC’s lightheavy weight division. It’s surprising that these two haven’t met in the past. Antonio Nogueria is nearing retirement or at least he should be thinking about it. He hasn’t fought since 2011 and he defeated an old Tito Ortiz by TKO. Before that he strung together a couple of losses against Phil Davis and Ryan Bader. If Rashaad comes out and finishes him in a head turning fashion we will see Evans on a fast track back to a title shot. Other than that he has a lot of work to do to prove that he belongs in the cage with Jon Jones.





I was too stoked when I saw “The Reem” defeat Brock Lesnar in the brutal fashion that he did! It was like the universe was in alignment and brought me exactly what I asked for. There is a lot of controversy around Alistair right now. After failing a drug test for steroids, his license to fight was revoked and has been on suspension for sometime. He has undergone a lot of random voluntary drug tests since and passed each one of them. I will always be a fan of his regardless. He is a fan favorite and my hero for what he did to Brock Lesnar. It is my hope that he will continue to walk that line and pass these tests while his name is in the spotlight. I firmly believe that he will be the heavy weight champion in future, if he can keep his nose clean. Not to say that “Big Foot” won’t be a good fight. Come on, this guy beat Fedor by doctors stoppage! That’s huge! So, get ready for a monumental battle. I wouldn’t bet on the fight but, I don’t think there is any way to stop Alistair Overeem right now.




Dropping from middleweight to welterweight was Demian Maia wisest decision and his record so far at 170lbs agrees with me. After his last fight at 185lbs against the number one contender Chris Weidman he has joined the welterweight division and has proven himself by defeating Rick Story and Don Hyun Kim in the first round. After securing his spot in the new division a win over Jon Fitch could put him in the fast lane to a shot at UFC gold. Neither one of these guys are known for finishing fights. Although, Demian Maia finished his last two fights in the first round he is just getting used to finishing guys and I am sure he likes it! I have never been a fan of Jon Fitch therefore, I will have to pick Demian Maia to win this bout. He will then be looking to Dana White for a title shot.




Another flyweight fight! I’ll tell you what, I am enjoying these guys really showcasing their skills every time they step into the octagon. In these fights they really get down to technique and athleticism! Joseph Benavidez dropped the first ever flyweight championship fight against Demetrious Johnson last year and is looking to fight his way back into the cage with him. With Iaan McCall standing in the way I don’t see it being a problem. This guy is lucky to still be fighting for the UFC! He hasn’t won a fight in literally years. Expect Benavidez to come out show Dana that Iaan doesn’t belong.


Jose Aldo thinks Frankie Edgar is making a big mistake by dropping to featherweight, and the champ plans to put on a dominating performance at UFC 156.



UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar Preview