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As I watched the games this Sunday, I realized we are in for a great 2nd quarter of the year. Many of the league stars are warming up and playing at a high level (alas). Aaron Rodgers is on fire, Cam’s ankle is healing and he looked much like his old self, Romo continues to dazzle, and Shady FINALLY showed us just how electric he can be.  It was a welcomed sight to see the NFL crank it up a notch.


Andrew Luck and JJ Watt showed us why they are two of the brightest young stars in our game today. Both guys scored touchdowns but the only thing is one guy plays defense! This game came down to the fact that Indy had Luck at qb and the Texans had Fitzpatrick at qb.  Luck made more plays (predictably) and right on schedule Fitzpatrick made the final mistake (fumble from lack of pocket awareness) to seal the victory for Indy. 


We might be able to officially say the Patriots are back on track.  Brady dominated this game throwing 4 tds and beating the Bills yet again as he has done so many times in his career. The Bills need to trade CJ Spiller.  They have misused him ever since he has been there.


The highest scoring tie game ever!  Cam Newton looks like he is getting back to his Superman type ways as his anke keeps healing.  Major concern to see how far the Panthers dominate defense has fell off.  They let the Bengals put 37 points without AJ Green on the field.  Not good…..

Mike Nugent misses game winning FG, TIE against Carolina


I’m not sure if the Browns are the real deal or if the Steelers are just awful.  However the Browns have a powerful run game and a solid defense that seems to play inspired. The Steelers have some real issues ranging from front office, coaching and all the way down to the field.  Very concerning to see the Steelers could only muster 10 points versus a Browns team that were without Joe Haden. Also Browns qb Brian Hoyer had 217yds passing on just eight passes….8.


 The Packers won a gutsy game that they probably should have loss.  Aaron Rodgers decided they weren’t going to lose as he put on a performance for the ages. He marched the Packers down the field on a game winning drive that ended with a walk off touchdown. Aaron’s passing prowess sometimes leaves you speechless.

Aaron Rodgers game winning touchdown pass against Miami

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The Lions were severely undermanned against the Vikings, but it doesn’t take much to beat this team.  The Vikings are in a complete youth movement after losing AP and their starting qb for the year.  The Lions boast the #1 defense in football which was just enough to get the W.


Rex Ryan is a deadman walking and the Jets are spiraling down fast.  The Broncos are simply in another class to the Jets. This game was closer than expected mainly because the jets played inspired due to the fact they were at home. They also blitzed constantly putting heat on the Broncos O-line with their freakish D-line. It wasn’t enough thugh as the Jets lose once again.


The Bucs are terrible and a game like that is exactly what Flacco needed to get back on track. Flacco threw 5tds in the first half as they completely dismantled a dismal Bucs team. Lovie Smith could be gone after just his first season as this team is worse than they should actually be.


Two bad teams headed nowhere yet someone had to win (by default).


The Raiders gave the Chargers all they could handle as thier long time rival. Derek Carr looks like a legitimate future franchise qb for this Raiders team. Phillip Rivers continues to roll as they have now found a secret weapon in 4th string rb Brandon Oliver. The 2nd week in a row Oliver was a beast all-purpose back that should surely be heavily involved even as Ryan Matthews returns.


Carson Palmer makes the Cardinals offense so much more potent when he is under center. It is quite impressive how well they are playing depsite all the injuries on defense and Palmer missing multiple games with a nerve issue. The Redskins would clearly like to hit the “reset” button.


Brandon Marshall got the Falcons at the right time as he got out of his slump quickly in this game. The Falcons only managed to put up 13 points at home which is highly unusual. Their offensive line woes are a major issue and thye are reeling after this one. The Bears pretty much did whatever they wanted to do offensively as everyone shined.



This was the surprise of the weekend as the Cowboys went to Seattle and handled them fairly easy. The Cowboys gave the Seahawks a couple of turnovers (in a typical fashion) but they established a dominant run game that broke the Seahawks will. Romo continues to make brilliant plays and the Cowboys continue to roll. The NFL is a better place when the Cowboys are relevant.


The Giants talked trash all week then come out and get blanked.  That is just emabarrassing.  It also did not hel them that they came out and stomped on the Eagles logo prior to the game.  All the Eagles did is run right over them as Shady ran all over them and the defense made Eli look like yesteryear.  In the process they lost Cruz for the year which is a big blow. The Eagles are going to be even more dangerous if this is a sign of whats to come regarding the run game and ferocious blitzing defense.

Victor Cruz injury against Philadelphia

49ERS 31  RAMS 17

 St. Louis put up a good fight, but we all knew how this story would end.  Kaepernick torched the Rams secondary that lacks discipline all while finding plenty time to throw the ball. The Rams have 1 sack in 5 games which sent the 49ers qb up for a career high type night with 300+ yards passing. There has been plenty buzz about the Rams new qb Austin Davis but he was highly unimpressive on Monday Night with too many errant throws.  49ers real test is next week versus Denver. 


JJ Watt Scores Third Touchdown of Season, Should Be Viable MVP Candidate [Video]

J.J. Watt scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery against Indianopolis

JJ Watt is having the best defensive offensive season of his dominate career. The pro bowler scooped the ball up after Andrew Luck bobbled the snap, and returned it to the house for six. If he keeps playing at this torrid pace and is not in legitimate contention for the MVP award at the end of the season.

J.J. Watt touchdown dance

Fantasy owners your going to want to think about drafting JJ in your league next year.

[GIF'S via TheBigLead]



I’m sure many of us would like to see some of our coveted draft picks hit a “boom” this Sunday. It would be great if Shady could wake up, if Cordarrelle Patterson could be used more, and if Keenan Allen can get a few passes his way. Stars tend to shine as the season rolls on so I wish each of you all the luck this weekend with your big stars to “BOOM”.  Week 6 should be a wild one to say the least…..


  • *Yawn* Thursday games have been awful all year but this one seems to have hopes for competition. Andrew Luck has been on a tear and he is my BOOM player for this game. The Texans aren’t equipped enough to slow down Luck. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Andre Johnson. Dre is dealing with an ankle issue and now he has to turn around on a short week against a Colts defense that has been on fire lately (plus Fitzpatrick is the QB).


  •  This will prove to be a more true test to the Patriots supposed “turnaround.” The Brady bunch always seem to struggle at Buffalo so it should be a good one.  My BOOM player for this game is Julian Edelman. Edelman will find plenty opening in the Bills secondary that isn’t exactly imposing despite the fact they have quality corners. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Sammy Watkins. Sammy won’t be able to get away from Revis or Browner in this game.


  •  Both of these teams can use a win badly (for different reasons) even though the Panthers just had a big home win.  My BOOM player for this game is AJ Green (if he plays) but if he does not then I think the rb tandem of Gio/Hill will play well.  The Panthers defense has been leaky lately as a run defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Cam Newton. He has limited weapons and he will be facing an angry Bengals defense that got stomped in New England. He still seems bothered by the offseason surgery to his ankle.


  • This rematch will be fun to see because the Browns are a scrappy bunch that won’t go away. Plus the first game was very competitive.  My BOOM player for this game is Antonio Brown. Joe Haden might not play and rookie Justin Gilbert has no chance of checking Brown. 
  • My BUST player in ths game is Heath Miller. Heath will be decent but the outside weapons should be open frequently.


  • The Packers are rolling right now and the Dolphins are still trying to find themselves so this will be a big test for the Fins.  My BOOM player for this game is Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers has been on fire 2 weeks straight and it usually takes awhile for elite qb’s to cool off. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Eddie Lacy.  Lacy won’t be bad but don’t expect the explosion form last Thursday night.  A modest day will probably be in store for him versus a good Dolphins defense.


  • Matt Stafford will most likely be without his bff receiver Megatron so the adjustments they make should be interesting to watch.  My BOOM player for this game is Golden Tate.  Tate will be highly targeted and has built a nice rapport with Stafford.  He should have a good day as the alpha dog receiver for a day. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Cordarrelle Patterson.  He has been highly disappointing to many this season and now he gets a game against a top 5 Lions defense. No Thanks.


  • The Jets are in a sad state of affairs but they might actually put up a fight in this game. Well, at least for the 1st half.  My BOOM player for this game is Peyton Manning. The Jets can’t defend the pass and Peyton loves to pass which isn’t a good thing for Rex’s crew. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Chris Ivory.  Ivory will have a decent day but as the only real weapo the Jets have it is going to be a long day.


  • The Ravens need a bounce back win and it couldn’t have setup to be a better opponent for the fix. My BOOM player for this game is Steve Smith. “Smitty” had a down week but playing the 3rd worst pass defense should help solve things (lookout for Torrey too). 
  • My BUST player for this game is Doug Martin. Doug has been struggling most of this early season and now he has to try to find running room against that rugged Ravens front four.  Not…gonna…happen.


  • Hopefully you have nobody on your team starting in this game but then again fantasy football can get gloomy.  My BOOM player for this game is Blake Bortles.  I think he comes out and has a good game against a Titans team that just lost their defensive captain Bernard Pollard for the year (lookout for Jags rb Storm Johnson if he gets his shot this week).  I also think the Titans receiver Wright/Hunter could have a sneaky good game versus that awful Jags secondary. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Shonn Greene.  He is getting a large chunk of the carries but not really doing much with them.  He is a plodder and Sankey is emerging…..I wrote way too much about this game…Ugh.


  • This AFC West rivalry game is always a wild one.  My BOOM player for this game is Phillip Rivers. Rivers has been cookin with the stove on high all season and now he gets the woeful Raiders.  It doesn’t matter that it is in Oakland they are still bad. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Darren McFadden. DMC won’t have much running room against the most improved defense in football.


  • The Redskins desperately need a win to save their season and the Cardinals are pretty upset about the embarrassing loss to Denver last week. Something has to give. My BOOM player for this game is Michael Floyd. Hopefully Stanton or Palmer return this week but Floyd should find paydirt regardless against this pathetic Redskins secondary.
  • My BUST player for this game is Alfred Morris. The Cardinals are a top 10 defense at defending the run and they crank it up a notch on defense at home. This won’t be a comfy game for Alfred to run.


  • There should be a ton of points scored in this game with two high powered offenses. MY BOOM player for this game is Matt Ryan.  Ryan is Superman at home and he will shred that Bears defense to pieces.
  • My BUST player for this game is Steven Jackson. He should have a decent day but that backfield is shared by 3 other guys as well so his opportunities will be limited.


  • Cowboys should get a good gauge of where they truly are based on this game versus the defending champs in their house. My BOOM player for this game is Marshawn Lynch. Foster just ran right through that Dallas D like wet tissue and Marshawn should do the same.
  • My BUST player for this game is Dez Bryant. The Seahawks will be paying plenty attention to Dez as he goes up against the best secondary in football.  He will have some catches but don’t expect major impact.


  • NFC East primetime games are always fun to watch.  My BOOM player for this game is Odell Beckham. Yes, he is a rookie and yes, he will probably not be starting on a bnch of fantasy squads but he will be huge facing the 3rd CB on a Eagles team that already doesn’t defend the pass well. His blazing speed and precise route running will be problematic for Philly. (Andre Wiliams should have a good game as well).
  • My BUST player for this game is LeSean McCoy.  Shady will have a modest day but until he breaks out don’t assume it is coming. 


  • The Rams always seem to play well (defensively) when the lights come on which needs to happen in this NFC West matchup.  My BOOM player for this game is Frank Gore.  Gore has been playing well of late since they actually give him the ball now, but the Rams haven’t defended the run well either.  Here comes Gore into town to wreck shop. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Zac Stacy.  Stacy is almost in a full blown timeshare and now add that to the fact the Niners don’t give opponents much room to run. 




 Watching the games this Sunday, I thought there would be separation amongst the “good teams’ versus the “not so good.”  There is still a bunch of teams muddled together while the injuries continue to pile up. I’m still waiting for “Shady” to emerge and the NFC South to play some defense. Either way there was plenty excitement and wild finishes during the early games as usual.  Seems as if many teams would like to hit the “restart” button.


The Packers seem to be on track offensively after 2 straight games of explosiveness. Lacy looks to still be able to run the ball.  Christian Ponder confirmed his  role as merely a 3rd stringer (which could be generous).  The Vikings pretty much look like a JV team now without AP and a rookie QB. However, Teddy has plenty promise.


The Bears had a complete meltdown as they were up 21 points at halftime. Bears coach Marc Trestman completely botched this game and needs to be under more scrutiny for how that offense isn’t nearly as explosive as it should be. Panthers are still bad but the Bears are just worse right now.

Cam Newton blocks Lance Briggs


Cowboys showing a ton of resiliency which is something they have sorely lacked for years. They are somehow 4-1 and making a ton of plays on both sides of the ball.  Huge test next week in Seattle.


I’m sure the Lions will have a new kicker this coming week being that their current one essentially cost them the game. Megatron went down with an ankle injury that was already shaky coming into this game. Jim Schwartz the foromer Lions coach should be ashamed of himself for requesting his players to carry him off the field.  He had a losing record as the Lions coach.

Kyle Orton celebrating Bills win over Detroit-b


Maybe the Colts are a little tougher than I gave them credit to be.  This was a physical hard fought battle which is to be expected from a crew led by Colts coach Chuck Pagano. However, Flacco is exactly who I thought he was and I didn’t let him off the hook. ( Hi Dennis Green)


For some strange reason the Steelers offense is regressing as they should be putting more points on the board. Bell hasn’t scored in 2 weeks and Big Ben goes through long spells of poor play. They worry me but it doesn’t take much to beat the Jags.


The Bucs showed exactly why they are the Bucs as the squandered a double digit lead in the 2nd half. The Saints were in desperation mode as the season would have been all but over had they lost to the woeful Bucs at home. The Saints get a much needed bye but will need to get clicking soon if they want to contend this year.


Atlanta continues to struggle on the road and I’m starting to believe they just don’t have what it takes. The Giants are quickly emerging as a team to recognize in the NFC East. They also got back their prized 1st round pick in Odell Beckham which just add to the weapons they already have offensively.  Good things on the horizon for NYG.


I’m not impressed with this Philly bunch as their defense has more td’s than the offense over the last couple of weeks. They can’t keep this up and at some point the offense has to get in gear. I guess you can’t say much when a team is 4-1.


The Browns were involved in another one of the wild comebacks from this weekend of games. Browns QB Brian Hoyer put together 4 straight scoring drives in the 2nd half that got the Browns the win. I think that gutsy performance has all but assured us that Johnny Football won’t play much this year unless Hoyer gets injured.


Peyton did what Peyton does as he completely dismantled the Cardinals vaunted secondary.  He threw 6 touchdowns and in the process knocked the Cardinals only viable qb out of the game. This game got ugly quick in the 2nd half.


The Chargers are awesome and the Jets are not. They had zero points so what else is there to say.  Well maybe they need more offensive talent….yeah

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady juggle ball and spike

49ERS 22  CHIEFS 17

Quietly the Niners have won 3 straight games.  If the players don’t like their coach Harbaugh then this is cetainly a great way of showing it.  The Niners offense still looks jittery but they continue to find way to win which is what matter most. Andy Reid is a very underrated coach who deserves more credit for what he is doing with a team that needs more weapons at receiver and lost key pieces on defense.


Yet again the Bengals prove they simply aren’t ready for the big stage type football game. The weird part is it wasn’t Andy Dalton as the main culprit. Brady came out and shredded the Bengals defense and the offensively line was fired up to prove they aren’t the weak link.  You could tell this was going to be a “Brady game” right from the jump as he got to his traditional head butting teammates early.

Russell Wilson is magical against Washington


Seattle should have hung 40 on the Redskins but penalties stalled this game all night. The Seahawks weren’t as sharp coming off a bye but Russ Wilson was sensational. Russ looked like Mike Vick the way he was running all over the Redskins defense that lacks athleticism everywhere.  It was cool to see Kirk Cousins bounce back from the Giants game debacle to have a very productive night against a stingy Seattle defense.  Not a surprise Seattle took care of business though.



Levi’s Stadium Bathroom Brawl: Two 49ers Fans Arrested, Two Taken to Hospital [Video]

This is the second viral 49ers fan brawl we’ve seen this season. The first one included a stairwell knockdown and a lot of blood, and this one involves a guy in a Frank Gore jersey punching a fellow Niners fan in a Colin Kaepernick jersey in the face. Then there’s another drag-down. The video uploader says the fight stemmed from “impatience for an open stall.”

Two fans wearing San Francisco 49ers gear suspected of assaulting two men in a Levi’s Stadium restroom were arrested before kickoff of Sunday’s game.

Santa Clara Police Lt. Kurt Clarke identified the suspects Monday as relatives Dario Rebollero, 34, and Amador Rebollero, 27, of King City. The two were booked on felony assault charges. Clarke would not say how the two are related or what started the fight.

The San Jose Mercury-News reports that two men were taken two the hospital.



 How many people wish we could turn back the clock to the draft?  There has been many booms and many busts this season.  Some have been highly rewarding/disappointing but hopefully you hit the jackpot on a couple of picks.  As we get going past the quarter mark of the season some people might just be who they are going to be which means we all have choices to make.  Good luck this week with whatever direction you choose to take….


  • This should be a fairly entertaining game and hopefully Teddy plays.  My fantasy BOOM player for this week is Jordy Nelson. He is on fire right now and Rodgers is looking for him close to 50% pct of the time.  He is an elite option virtually every week. (Bonus BOOM Matt Asiata based on the fact the Packers struggle against the run so he should do well). 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Cordarrelle Patterson. C-Patt isn’t producing like many thought he would this season and it is partly do to the added attention (plus AP being gone) this season. Bench him until he start to get rolling in this offense.


  • The Panthers are going to have to rely on Cam more than ever right now, which should make this Panthers team interesting. My fantasy BOOM player for thisgame is Alshonn Jeffrey. Alshonn will have a huge day against a secondary that has no answers for anyone (Bonus BOOM Kelvin Benjamin). 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Cam Newton. Cam’s ability to run is what seperates him from the pack and he simply cannot do that on his bum ankle.


  • Two of the most surprising teams in the league right now. Should be a “measuring stick” game for both clubs. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is DeMarco Murray obviously but look out for a big day from Dez Bryant because of all the attention given to Murray. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Arian Foster. Foster is trying desperately to play on that bad hammy which is hampering is his overall play.


  • Buffalo switching quarterbacks will make this game intriguing from the standpoint of seeing if the passing game picks up. My BOOM player for this game is Matt Stafford. Stafford tends to play well at home even though they seemingly struggle to win.  He has the weapons to take advantage of the Bills opportunistic secondary. 
  • My fantasy BUST for this game is Reggie Bush. He will be decent but don’t expect a big day against the Bills front 7, especially when you add the fact that Bush isn’t too fond of running the tough yards.


  • Andrew Luck has had a few cupcake matches to date but this Ravens defense will be one of his true tests of the early year.  My fantasy BOOM player for this game is Reggie Wayne. When playing a rough rugged defense like the Ravens you need a guy who can just constantly win his matchup. Reggie Wayne will be a reliable weapon for Luck all game to give him a sense of comfort. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Joe Flacco. Flacco is suspect away from home and I think that rowdy Indy crowd will rattle him to some extent. He will make plays but they will come with blunders as well.


  • This game shouldn’t be anything to see but I’m sure the Steelers will make is suspenseful. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is LeVeon Bell. Bell had a rather quiet day last week but I think he gets going quickly against this porous Jags defense. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Toby Gerhart. Hopefully you aren’t playing him because he just hasn’t looked explosive enough to be a playmaker for the Jags. Denard Robinson could be getting more carries as well.


  • Neither of these teams are playing well which means this might be a good NFC South game. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is Jimmy Graham. Jimmy will dominate the middle of the field against a team who were having a hard time stopping Heath Miller last week. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Mike Glennon. He will be decent but the absence of Mike Evans puts a damper on the QB play.


  • NYG is on a roll right now and the Falcons have to do some soul searching after the embarrassing play of last week. My fantasy BOOM player for this game will be Rashad Jennings. The Vikings ran all over the Falcons last week and they give up the most rushing td’s in the NFL. Jennings should have a multiple score day. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Matt Ryan. Matt seems to have real issues away from home and outside in the elements.  It happened last week in Minnesota and I see the same happening in New York.


  • Philly has to find a way to establish the run and this may be a good week against the Rams. My fantasy BOOM for this game is Nick Foles.  I think he bounces back this week at home to against an average Rams defense. Plus he welcome back much needed help on the offensive line in RT Lane Johnson. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Zac Stacy. This looks like a good matchup for him against a very giving Eagles defense but I think they get down early to make the Rams abandon the run game.


  • Nobody will be paying attention to this game outside of local fans and fantasy owners. My fantasy BOOM player for thi game is (Browns run game). Whoever gets the lion’s share of the totes will benefit well. 
  • My fantasy BUST player is Kendall Wright. Limited offense and now he gets Joe Haden coming to guard him.


  • This game has all the makings of high scoring so watch out. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is Andre Ellington. Andre has been nursing a bad foot issue but it has slowly gotten better and the bye week helped immensely. I see him playing big in this game on the ground and through the air.
  • My fantasy BUST for this game is Demaryius Thomas. DT will be locked up with Patrick Peterson on day long which is never fun for the opposing receiver.


  • Phillip Rivers is torching every defense out there and the Jets are in for a long day. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is Phillip Rivers.  Rex Ryan is a great defensive mind but his secondary handicaps him a bit. I think Rivers finds matchups he can exploit all day against the leagues’s 3rd worst coverage team. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Chris Johnson. CJ has all but lost his job to Chris Ivory and we all know he hasn’t been the same guy for a couple of years now.


  • I wouldn’t be surpsised if the Chiefs get crushed after such a huge Monday night win at home over the Patriots. My BOOM player for this game is Colin Kaepernick. Colin’s mobility will be an issue for the Chiefs who don’t really have a ton playmakers on defense. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game will be Vernon Davis. Vernon is deling with several nagging injuries and the mergence of Stevie Johnson is hurting his current stock.


  • If the Patriots play like they did Monday night they will lose this game by 30+ points versus the Bengals as the best team in the AFC. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is AJ Green.  Revis struggles with Dwayne Bowe last week so I can only imagine what is going to happen when he sees one of the top 3 receivers in the league Sunday night. 
  • My fantasy BUST player for this game is Julian Edelman. Edelman is Brady’s main weapon while Gronk continues to get back at full tilt.  The only problem is Leon Hall will be defending Edelman which means we won’t hear much from him Sunday night.


  • The Redskins were embarrased last time they took the field and i think the Seahawks keeps that same story going. My fantasy BOOM player for this game is   Russell Wilson. The Redskins cannot defend the pass, they have to stop Marshawn, which leaves the worst part of their defense open. Russell is going to have a field day with this defense. 
  • My fantasy BUST player is DeSean Jackson. D-Jax will struggle to get open all night as a primary deep threat. The Seahawks don’t give up big plays over the top which leaves DeSean very limited with his impact on this game.