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Washington P.R. Physically Breaks Up Colt McCoy Postgame Interview: “No Means No!”

Colt McCoy just played the game of his NFL life. Beating the Cowboys in Jerry’s World and also his home state of Texas, 20-17 in overtime. After a live spot with ESPN, another reporter wanted a word, but the street lights were on and McCoy had to get back to the locker room for supper. So Redskins’ PR physically stopped an interview and yelled, “No means no!” Apparently, that is Washington Senior Vice President in charge of public communications, Tony Wyllie. The reporter appears to be John Sutcliffe of ESPN Deportes.



Browns Discussing Trading QB Colt McCoy After Drafting Brandon Weeden in the First Round.

The Cleveland Browns traded up to draft running back Trent Richardson, seemingly to help take pressure off quarterback Colt McCoy, but a different QB might be the beneficiary of that choice.


Browns general manager Tom Heckert said Thursday that the team is considering trading McCoy after drafting quarterback Brandon Weeden with their second first-round pick, No. 22 overall, from Oklahoma State.


“It’s something we’ll talk about tonight and tomorrow,” Heckert said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


“I wasn’t concerned about his age,” said Browns coach Pat Shurmur, who went 4-12 in a tumultuous first season. “I was impressed with his maturity and production on tape. We became very fond of him.”


McCoy, a former third-round pick, made 13 starts last season before missing the final three games with a concussion. The 25-year-old is 6-15 as a starter for the Browns.


Heckert said the Browns selected Weeden to be a future starter — perhaps immediately. Unlike his peers in the draft, Weeden is 28 years old after pursuing a career in baseball. It’s unlikely that the Browns would make him sit too long before getting a shot.



The selection of Weeden came after the Browns told McCoy on draft day that they wouldn’t take a quarterback in the first round, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The Browns have denied telling McCoy that.


“I was hoping that this would happen,” said Weeden, who spent draft day at home in Oklahoma. “This night went just as I hoped.”