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Martez Walker: University of Texas Basketball Player Arrested After Beating Up His Girlfriend

Martez Walker, a guard on the Texas basketball team, has been suspended indefinitely after he was arrested for beating up his girlfriend. The details, via Bevo Beat, are ugly:

The incident happened Wednesday night, and the school took swift action. Walker, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard, played in 33 games as a freshman, averaging 12 minutes off the bench and scored 4.7 ppg. He was part of a ballyhooed incoming class that lifted the Longhorns to the NCAA Tournament.


Evan Nolte: Virginia Basketball Player Arrested For Being Drunk in Public While Wearing Hawaiian Shirt

Evan Nolte slam, replay, and bench reaction against Memphis

Evan Nolte, a junior forward for Virginia, was arrested for being drunk in public on Sunday morning in Charlottesville. Nolte was arrested outside a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop for being drunk in public. Cops tried to let Nolte go, but he had other ideas. Via NBC29:

evan-nolte-mugshotA police report says Nolte admitted to having eight drinks, had slurred speech and, when put in a cab by police, ran out of it. He was then arrested.

Running from a taxi that cops put you in? That is just plane stupid. The kind of stupidity made by a man wearing a floral print Hawaiian shirt with multiple buttons undone. Nolte appeared in 32 games for the Cavaliers last season. He had a swell dunk in the NCAA tournament and the crowd went wild.

[via NBC29]


UCLA Campus Flooded – Including Pauley Pavilion and Drake Stadium

UCLA’s campus is flooding following a water main break on Sunset Boulevard in Westwood. Pauley Pavilion, Drake Stadium and multiple parking structures are among the buildings that have been damaged so far. The water has been flowing for over an hour nearly two hours now and officials seem to have no clue when it will be stopped.

UCLA’s chancellor issued a statement on the situation, which can be read in full here:

Fortunately, and most importantly, no injuries have been reported.

This is apparently a picture from the lobby of Pauley Pavilion.


Video of Nigel Bethel Punching Amber Battle During Texas Tech Pickup Basketball Game Emerges After Grand Jury Dismisses Charges

Nigel Bethel II was dismissed from Texas Tech last month after an incident with Red Raiders women’s basketball player Amber Battle. Today, video of the incident was released showing what happened. You can see Battle grab a rebound and get fouled by Bethel. She appears to shove Battle who reciprocates with a punch that broke a bone in her face. Somehow, this video wasn’t enough for a grand jury. Via ESPN:

Lubbock attorney Tray Payne told ESPN.com that the charges against Bethel were dropped after a grand jury found there was no evidence to substantiate assault nor probable cause to pursue charges.

“This is not what it was made out to be,” Payne said. “He’s a good kid with no criminal history, and this was out of character.”


“We believe he was unduly and prematurely punished. This was an unfortunate incident in a pick-up basketball game. This is a matter that should not result in criminal charges for either party.

“Any assault does deserve immediate action, however, please ensure all testimonies, evidence and circumstances are reviewed prior to taking action which may forever alter a person’s future.

“We desire to see Mr. Bethel’s scholarship re-instated. If he is re-instated, it is our belief that his consequences should not be greater than those of Ms. Battle. If he is not re-instated, a public exoneration of his character on the part of Texas Tech University should be forthcoming, since Mr. Bethel’s future opportunities for an education as well as an athletic career have been jeopardized.”

Battle has been suspended by the university for the month of November after she admitted she “initiated the first contact.”

I could go on and on about how a man should never hit a woman, but I guess that doesn’t matter in this case.

[h/t TheBigLead]


UConn’s Stefanie Dolson Fell at the White House During President Obama’s Handshake [Video]


UConn’s men’s and women’s basketball teams visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their NCAA National Championships. During last year’s visit to the White House, Stefanie Dolson had challenged President Obama to a dance-off during the event. This year the joke was on her, as she fell off the stage during President Obama’s handshakes. As you would expect, the poor girl was quite embarrassment.



Bryce Alford Sank a Full-Court Trick Kick Shot [Video]

Bryce Alford, the ULCA Bruins guard, casually drop-kicked a ball the length of a basketball court and into the opposite hoop. I don’t know how many takes it took to get this footage. What I do know is that Alford did a hell of a job acting casual after sinking the improbable shot.

You can definitely tell he’s the son of a coach.