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The BUZZ: Anastasia Ashley’s Instagram; Powdered Alcohol Controversy; No Cleavage at Disney Land & Florida Men Catch 800-Pound Shark

Have a great day everyone, here are some of todays top stories from around the globe…

  • Craig Sager, who is undergoing treatment for leukemia: “I want to get the hell out of here and go to Vegas.” [Sports Illustrated]
  • The new Tennessee Vols basketball coach is Donnie Tyndall. [CBS Sports]
  • David Moyes Sacked by Manchester United: Latest Details and Reaction. [BleacherReport]
  • The price of beer at every MLB stadium. Arizona and Cleveland are the cheapest. Beer at Marlins games is the most expensive. [Business Insider]
  • Police in NY say the investigation into whether or not four South Carolina football players beat up a guy in a club is still open. [Go Gamecocks]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Jack Nicholson (77), Marshawn Lynch (28), Kaka (32), Amber Heard (28), Ryan Stiles (55), Peter Frampton (64), Sherri Shepherd (47), Terry Francona (55)


*Big trash-talking tree fall hard. [via Herbie]

*Brian Williams raps, “Gin and Juice.”


The BUZZ: Ron Jaworski Wouldn’t Draft Johnny Manziel; Video of Dirty Cops; Whale Slaps Lady in the Head; Wichita State First to 30-0

Its Hump Day! That means a double-dose of the SportsCast today 12-2PST & our NFL GameDay Show 5-6PST! Watch/Listen LIVE to both shows. Enjoy your Wednesday, here are some of todays top stories….


  • Ron Jaworski Says He Wouldn’t Draft Johnny Manziel in the First Three Rounds [via TheBigLead]
  • hot100_2013_teresa_palmer_articleFormer TCU QB on the Horned Frogs’ situation: “There is zero leadership. Nobody wants to step up and take charge of anything. It’s rough.” [Star Telegram]
  • Does canned beer taste better than bottled beer? [NJ Biz]
  • Florida State’s Jameis Winston describes what it was like to play against the Yankees in an exhibition game. [via ESPN]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Nate Ruess (31), Erykah Badu (42), Michael Bolton (60), Juliet Nicole Simms (27), Teresa Palmer (27), Charley Webb (25), Steve Blake (33), Robert Mathis (32)




*Whale slaps a girl in the head.


*How dirty are these cops?!

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News


Angels Fans Shows Us Why You Shouldn’t Try to Catch a Baseball With a Full Beer – Beer Explosion! [Video]



When a ball goes flying of a players bat into the stands, anything can happen. You could see a dad holding a baby make a great catch, or a bullpen pitcher get hit in the face. Well during last night’s Angels – White Sox game, a fan attempted to catch a foul ball with his beer which is a becoming a very popular thing to do. Instead of an awesome moment where the ball landed in his cup and he was left chugging like an awesome bro, his beer exploded, showering everyone around him. This is why you probably shouldn’t try to catch a baseball with a $9 Coors Lite. 

[GIF via @cjzero]

Bud Light Delivered Shane Battier 1,100 Cases of Bud Light Because He Likes Bud Light [Video]

Bud Light Delivered Shane Battier 1,100 Cases of Bud Light Because He Likes Bud Light [Video]

Bud Light Delivered Shane Battier 1,100 Cases of Bud Light Because He Likes Bud Light [Video]


We all dream of being a celebrity or a professional athlete. Wether its for the money, the lifestyle, the glitz and glamour, or for free beer! All you have to do is merely mention that you have an affinity for a particular brand — in this case, Shane Battier’s noted pregame ritual of drinking a Bud Light — and someone will eventually show up at your doorstep with 18 pallets of beer. Its a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it.



If your wondering, Shane Battier just got 26,400 cans of beer for free.

Brad Keselowski Wins First Sprint Cup Championship; Celebrates with Miller Light Beer Stein & a Buzz [Video]

Brad Keselowski Wins First Sprint Cup Championship; Celebrates with Miller Light Beer Stein & a Buzz [Video]


Brad Keselowski, the kid who stole the show at the season-opening Daytona 500 ended the year under the biggest spotlight of them all Sunday, beating five-time champion Jimmie Johnson to deliver the first Sprint Cup championship to Penske Racing.


“Always, throughout my whole life I’ve been told I’m not big enough, not fast enough, not strong enough and I don’t have what it takes,” Keselowski said from the championship stage. “I’ve used that as a chip on my shoulder to carry me through my whole career. It took until this year for me to realize that that was right, man, they were right.


“I’m not big enough, fast enough, strong enough. No person is. Only a team can do that.”



So, with the Penske organization behind him, he delivered a trophy that had eluded “The Captain” since his 1972 NASCAR debut. Although his motorsports organization is considered the gold standard of open-wheel racing — 15 Indianapolis 500 wins — and his empire has made Penske one of the most successful businessmen in America, his NASCAR team has always been just average.


After the race Brad Keselowski joined “SportsCenter” to talk about capturing his first Sprint Cup title, and with a “Beer-fest” mug full of beer, Brad enjoyed his victory and buzz.



[Information via Associated Press]