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White Sox Fan Uses Cup to Haul in Bouncing Foul Ball, Drinks Out of Cup [Video]

On Wednesday night, one Chicago White Sox fan realized that he could use his cup for more than just drinking.

A foul ball came the fan’s way in the fourth inning, but he was unable to barehand the ball and watched it bounce back onto the field. The fan was then able to use some quick thinking to haul the ball back in.

Naturally, like any bro, he had to take a drink out the cup with the ball still in it.

[Image/Video via MLB.com]


Home Run Ball at Giants-Pirates Game Takes out Woman’s Beer [Video]

“Damn man, that’s an expensive beer.”

During the San Francisco Giants-Pittsburgh Pirates game Wednesday afternoon, a woman in the bleachers, who was clearly trying to stay out of the way, caught a home run ball hit by Pittsburgh’s Jordy Mercer inside her beer cup .

This $8 accident is insult to injury because the woman didn’t even manage to end up with the ball. At least she’ll always have the memory and the beer-stained clothes.



The Most Popular Beer From Every 2014 World Cup Country

The World Cup begins in all its glory tomorrow, with the host country of Brazil taking on Croatia at 4PM EST on ESPN. Chances are you’ve made plans with your friends and co-workers to catch some of the better match-ups at your local pub or bar. Well, the good people at USA Today Sports have taken the most popular (i.e. best-selling domestically) beers from each of the 32 World Cup countries and displayed them beautiful for us all. 


Personally, if you care, I have tried only 9 of the 32 beers (Corona, Heineken, Asahi Super Dry, Peroni, Super Bock, Kronenbourg, Krombacher, Bud Light, and Mythos) Peroni being my favorite.



The BUZZ: Larry Bird Not Happy With Lance Stephenson’s Antics; Woman Arrested with .439 Percent BAC; Bryce Harper Engaged; Shelly Sterling Posed as Fake Health Inspector

Have a great weekend everyone, here are todays top stories from around the globe…

  • Larry Bird Irked by Lance Stephenson Blowing in LeBron James’ Ear in Game 5 [BleacherReport]
  • Shelly Sterling once posed as a fake health inspector, among other things. [LA Times]
  • Caroline Wozniacki Changed Her Twitter Avatar and Rory McIlroy’s Golf Game Went to Hell [TheBigLead]
  • Good read on how video games like Candy Crush are swindling people via microtransactions. [The Baffler]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY:  Gale Sayers (71); P. J. Carlesimo (65); Stephen Tobolowsky (63); Jake the Snake (59); Ted McGinley (56); Tom Morello (50); Billy Donovan (49); Manny Ramirez (42); CeeLo Green (39); Steven Gerrard (34).


*Driving a car in Russia remains one of the most dangerous things on the planet.

*Get a Load of This Fat Guy Eating Pizza While Working Out at Planet Fitness



D’Backs Fan Spills Beer on Date, Announcers Compare Him to Kevin James and Turtle From Entourage [Video]

fan spills beer all over lady while missing a foul ball

Watch as a guy in the stands spills his beer all over his date while going for a foul ball during the fifth inning of Monday’s Rockies-Diamondbacks game. The worst part? The guy next to them ended up with the ball.

To add insult to injury, Berthiaume and Brenly then debate whether he looks more like Kevin James or Turtle from Entourage.