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Wade Boggs Told “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Actor Charlie Day He Drank 107 Beers In A Day [Video]

Wade Boggs was one of the most prolific hitters in the history of Major League Baseball. What was his secret? Drinking a shit-ton of beer. Well at least that’s what It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor Charlie Day claims.

Boggs will appear on the premiere of the 10th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Last night  Day was a guest on Jimmy Fallon, and described that the episode will involve the show’s characters attempting to break Wade Boggs’ record of however many 40? 50? 60? beers he drank on a cross-country flight. Boggs told Day that there was one particularly ambitious preflight –> flight –> layover –> bar stretch where he actually consumed 107 beers, which sounds implausible because 1) it would poison his inner organs and 2) be impossible to keep count.

Charlie also played “5-Second Summaries” with Fallon during his visit to The Tonight Show. Charlie Day was confident in his abilities to beat Andy Samberg’s record in the movie-guessing game. Here’s how he fared.


Micah Hyde’s Lambeau Leap Ends With a Beer Shower and a Female Packers Fan Getting Shoved in the Face [Video]

Micah Hyde Lambeau Leap Against Philadelphia

Rough Sunday for female football fans in NFL stadiums. First a Bengals fan had a football wrestled away from her by a Saints fan. Now a Packers fan takes a shot to the face by a dude during Micah Hyde’s Lambeau Leap. Green Bay fans followed that up by pouring beer on Hyde. For a 75-yard TD return Hyde should have least got to have a sip of that brewski.

Micah Hyde Punt Return Against Philadelphia

[GIFs via TheBigLead]


Scientific Tests Show, Seattle Seahawks Are Selling Their Fans Watered Down Beer

All you have to do is search for the numerous fan fights on our site to see the impact that alcohol can have on a certain sect of the male population at sporting events. It can make people do very stupid and immature things. Well, the Seattle Seahawks have apparently tried to attack the root of the problem by watering down their beer. Komo News worked with a local laboratory to determine that six beers sold at CenturyLink Field for Seahawks and Sounders games measured in at .2% to .6% less than their advertised alcohol by volume content. Federal law prohibits a discrepancy of 3% or greater.

The Padres were similarly accused in 2008, and CenturyLink Arena in Boise was accused earlier this year of selling large beers that were the same size as smalls.

Anheuser-Busch, which owns five of the six beers that were tested in Seattle, said this is the same beer sold at bars, restaurants, and stores (which raises more questions than answers) and claimed that their own tests found “no irregularities.” CenturyLink refused to cooperate with the news investigation. Local fans were not profoundly psyched. One proclaimed, “It’s money, man. Greed. Same thing as everybody else. What makes the world go around? Money.” Another pledged to compensate for the injustice by pre-gaming harder.


Rich Uncle Pennybags Does Keg Stand With Jets Fans During Tailgate, Grants Everyone ‘Free Parking’ [Video]

Rich Uncle Pennybags (a.k.a. Monopoly Man & Mr. Monopoly) was patrolling the parking lots outside Metlife Stadium ahead of the Jets – Steelers game on Sunday. He happened upon one group that had a keg so passed GO and did a keg stand like a gentelman. Then he gave everyone free parking because that is another reference to Monopoly.


A 44-Year-Old Mom Of Six Just CRUSHED The Beer Mile World Record [Video]

Chris Kimbrough, a mom of SIX KIDS, took the beer mile challenge this past weekend. Four laps, four beers, run until you drop or finish. Kimbrough KILLED IT with a time of 6:28.6. The previous record was held by Seanna Robinson. Seanna ran it in 6:42.0 in 1997.

Kimbrough is pro though, both in running and drinking.

As the owner of several masters national championships and one of the best local runners of any age, Kimbrough knew she had the speed. She hasn’t done a lot of track racing, but she estimates that she could run about 5:00 in a beer-free mile right now. When she heard that she was being considered for inclusion in the beer mile field, she decided she had to see what she would be getting into.

What was meant to be a low-key testing of the waters turned into something much bigger.

“A friend of mine videotaped it,” Kimbrough told Runner’s World Newswire. “I didn’t want it to be a public thing [laughs], and then it ended up being a public thing. I really didn’t think I could do it. That’s a lot of beer in six minutes!”

I can’t even run a mile in seven minutes, let alone, chug four beers while doing it.


The Meaning of True Love: Kiss Cam Couple Pours Beer on Each Other at Giants/Dodgers Game [Video]

This Giants/Dodgers couple already makes an interesting match, and it’s like they just KNEW they were going to be on the Kiss Cam. They had full beers, and there wasn’t any hesitation. They just poured them on each other matter-of-factly, and got on with their lives. Those are $10 Beers!

Might be a Kimmel prank?

[Video MLB.com]


This Chart Of Beer Prices In Every NFL Stadium Proves Drinking At Games Is A Rip-Off

Going to an NFL game isn’t cheap. It hasn’t been cheap for decades. After the ticket cost, parking, tailgate food and other random charges, it’s no wonder the in-home experience is becoming more and more popular by football fans everywhere.

With HD TVs now a common thing in most house holds, more and more people are deciding to enjoy the comforts of home (being able to pause live games, go to the bathroom whenever you want and not be standing next to some random drunk guy, home made food, and most importantly cheap beer).

The average cost for a small draft beer at NFL games this season is $7.53, according to data collected by Team Marketing Report from each team. That’s up from $7.05 in 2013.

The cheapest stadium to get a beer is in St. Louis. Lord knows that fanbase needs something to celebrate. The most expensive beer per ounce is in Philly. Lord knows that fanbase doesn’t need any more reason to be obnoxious so let’s keep the prices as high as possible.

Here’s a chart of the most expensive brews in the NFL.

NFL Beer Prices
[h/t Business Insider]