SPORTSCAST: EP 309 (6-21-17) – NBA Trades & Draft Talk, Lebron James Is Coming To LA, Is Chris Paul Overrated?, Top 10 NFL Players, MLB Has A New Sosa And McGwire


Segment I – Weekend Stories, Knockers Fathers Day, NBA trades, Dwight Howard out of Atlanta, LeBron James is coming to LA, the Cave are imploding, Chris Paul is overrated, Jerry West is not going to help the Clippers, Phil Jackson is killing the Knicks, and much more.

Segment II – More NBA Trade Talk, LeBron is the real GM of the Cavs, NHL Draft Talk, Soft Ball Shorts in the MLB, Hype video for McGregor vs. Mayweather, Cam makes a bet on his body hair, back scratching, WTF News, Golf Tee out of butt cheeks, and More.

Segment III – Shot of the Week, Cody Bellinger and Aaron Judge are the new Sosa and McGwire, Top 10 NFL Players Today, Derek Carr gets paid, Is Matt Stafford worth it?, NFL talk, and more.




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