SPORTSCAST: EP 303 (04-19-17) – Guest Joe Bartnick On NHL Playoffs, Aaron Hernandez Suicide Story, The NBA’s Bad Image, Soccer News w/ Dan Burlington


Segment I – Rene Gets Married, NFL News, Aaron Hernandez Suicide, Marshawn Lynch To Raiders, New “Hard Knocks” Team, Gronk Crashes White House, Lane Kiffin Rips Nick Saban, And More.

Segment II – Shot of the Week, Hockey Players And Fans Are Tough SOB’s, Star Wars, Conor McGregor Trashes Hotel, Mets Beer Vendor Takes Baseball to Nuts, Knock Out Make Up Fight, O-Dawg And The Lakers Future, And More.

Segment III – NHL Playoffs with Joe Bartnick from the ‘Puck Off Podcast”

Segment IV – WTF News, NBA Playoffs, Carmelo Gets Dancer Pregnant, Marcus Smart Flips Off Fan, Dan Burlington With Soccer News



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