SPORTSCAST: EP 297 (02-08-17) – Super Bowl 51, Did The Falcons Choke? Or Did The Pats Make A Epic Comeback?, Wide World Of Sports, Hot Takes, Shot Of The Week


SEGMENT I: Weekend Stories, Super 51 Recap, Is The Falcons Collapse The Worst IN Pro Sports History?, Julian Edelman Mic’d Up, Tom Brady Undoubtably The Best QB Ever, Brady’s Stolen Jersey, Steve Sark New Offensive Coordinator For Falcons, And More.

SEGMENT II: Shot of the Week, 4 Bros Sneak Into Super Bowl 51 With A Ladder, George Lopez Destroys Heckler, Drunk Of The Week, Hold My Beer Man!, Cause Ya Had A Bad Day, Boxer Knocked Out By Flying Ice Bucket.

SEGMENT III: Wide World of Sports, Pebble Beach Pro Am, Golf, MLB Rule Changes, High School Basketball Player Scores 92 Points In A Game, Boston Bruins Fire Their Head Coach, Lebron Continues To Get Into It With The Media




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