Zlatan Ibrahimovic Just Announced That He Is Playing Soccer Next Year For The ‘Red Devils’

As most of the soccer world waits to see the winner of the Poland and Portugal match today in the Euro 2016 final 8, the English Premier League made some of its own headlines, as Swedish legend, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, fresh off an expired contract at Paris Saint-Germain, has announced he’ll be taking his talents to the U.K. next season.

And he won’t just be playing for any team, no.

He’ll be wearing red, and playing alongside some guy by the name of Wayne Rooney…

An absolute game-changing acquisition for Man U, albeit not yet confirmed by the club itself, the addition of Ibrahimovic hopes to bolster an attack that saw the the Red Devils through to a 5th place finish in the table last year, despite only producing a lackluster 49 goals.

premier league table

Without United confirming the deal yet, obviously financials are yet to be disclosed. But one can only imagine Man. U is ponying up a pretty penny for Ibra’s services, given the exorbitant transfer amounts the striker has commanded in the past.

Prior, Zlatan has stated that he hope to play the game well into his forties (he’s only 33 now), and there were rumors of United offering him a one-year deal when his lofty PSG contract expired.


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