Wayne Rooney’s Drunken Escapade And Wedding Crashing Has Jose Mourinho Furious With FA

Wayne Rooney’s much publicized drunken escapade over the weekend has Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho furious. Mourinho’s ire isn’t directed at Rooney but at the FA, which apparently had officials on hand who allowed the Man U captain to get wasted and crash a wedding.

Rooney has apologized for the incident, during which he was “too drunk to stand” early Sunday morning while with the English national team. Mourinho reportedly had no problem with Rooney having a night off and partying, but he believes it’s disgraceful that FA employees allowed him to get that out of hand.

Rooney crashed the wedding with “bloodshot eyes and red wind-stained lips” according to The Sun. Wedding attendees and staff at the Grove Hotel claimed Rooney couldn’t form sentences and was falling over he was so drunk.

The fact that FA employees — and reportedly even a coach — allowed England’s most recognizable player to make that kind of scene is pretty disturbing. Mourinho knows it will be a major distraction for his team and he has a right to be angry.

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