Tottenham Manager Wanted to Kill Players and Himself After Last Season’s Disappointing Finish

Tottenham had a rough end to their Premier League season last year and ended up finishing in third place. All things considered, a third-place finish isn’t the worst thing in the world, but Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino didn’t take it well. It sounds like he really had to work through some stuff this off-season.

Via The Independent:

“When we got back from Australia, we talked a bit about it,” Pochettino revealed on Thursday afternoon. “The players needed to hear my feelings, how I felt after the game and after the season, because there was no time to share [then]. I explained my point of view and my feelings.”

It’s always good to express how you feel and have a open line of communication with your players. Now let’s share those feelings.

“I just told them, that if I had had the opportunity to kill them, then I would have done. I wanted to kill all of them. And kill myself too.”

Damn bro. It’s just soccer. Maybe take a yoga class or something to let go of all that anger.


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