Jurgen Klinsmann Screams At Official ‘Are You F—ing Blind?’ [Video]

Jurgen Klinsmann is plenty used to CONCACAF officiating and how awful it can be. He got another taste of it on Friday afternoon during the Unites States’ friendly in Cuba.

With the U.S. up 2-0 in the 80th minute, defender Steve Birnbaum closed on a ball and took a high boot to the face from Duxney Espinosa. The move looked unintentional but was certainly red card-worthy because of how dangerous it was. None of the match officials called a foul.

Klinsmann was furious, screaming at the referee and the sideline official, at one point repeatedly saying, “Are you f***ing blind?”

Beware, the following video is NSFW:

Here’s another look at the foul:

Steve Birnbaum bleeding after missed foul against Cuba

Yeah, that’s as bad a missed call as I’ve seen in a long time and Klinsmann had every right to be irate. It was a move that put his player in serious danger. As it was, Birnbaum had a gash on his head that was bleeding profusely.

Good for Klinsmann for standing up for his player. That no-call was simply unacceptable.

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