German Goalie Gives up 43 Goals In One Game, Gets Arrested, Then Goes Missing

PSV Oberhausen recently beat SV Vonderort, 43-0, in a lower league German soccer match. Vonderort was down 35-0 and 3 players at the half. Oberhausen actually pulled three players so the game would be more even. Still, 43-0. It was so bad that police showed up at practice five days later and took goalie Marco Kwiotek down to the station for questioning. You would assume there had to be some gambling implications, but according to The Sun:

He has not been seen since and police have refused to comment on why he was taken into custody.

According to one website, Kwiotek was released, but no one has heard from him. Including his team.

Christian Schröer, club managing director, said “We are in the dark. The police won’t tell us what happened and we cannot reach Marco on his mobile.”

What a troubling sports story.


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