Enraged Soccer Fans Storm The Field And Chaos Erupts Into All Out Brawl During Halftime [Video]

Since I started blogging almost 7 years ago, I’ve always said that international soccer fights are the craziest and most unpredictable thing in sports. Watch as retired players from Mexican soccer clubs Pumas and Club América squared off last weekend in California, and at halftime, fans of both teams rushed the field as chaos erupted into an all out brawl in Santa Ana. Fans were throwing punches and kicks all over the place as more and more crazy hooligans came pouring out of the stands and onto the field:

According to Deadspin, there were only 5 people arrested in this crazy brawl that took security and police a long time to break up.

The fight apparently broke out when some Club América fans crossed the field to stir shit up with Pumas fans. Once the initial fight broke out everything spilled over into the field.


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