Cristiano Ronaldo Finds Woman’s Phone in Vegas, Takes Her And Friends Out For Dinner

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Like your phone when you lose it after a day of drinking with you friends on the strip. Well, over the weekend, a woman named Austin Woolstenhulme lost her phone while partying, and in most cases she probably would never see it again, but it just so happens that Cristiano Ronaldo is a really nice guy. If social media is to be believed, Ronaldo found the phone and later took Woolstenhulme and her friends to dinner and whatnot.

I know what your thinking, how did Ronaldo find the phone or get past the passcode or lock screen to contact the owner? Perhaps the tale is simply an updated version of the lost glass slipper. It’s not worth over-thinking either way.

[via r/soccer]

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