Cristiano Ronaldo Accused Of $16 Million Tax Evasion Lawsuit

The worlds best soccer player is facing a tax evasion lawsuit in Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of owing 14.7 million Euros, which is roughly $16.5 million. According to the BBC he is accused of “knowingly using a ‘business structure’ to hide income made from his image rights.” He wouldn’t have to do that if he wasn’t lending his image rights to everything from his own underwear to weird Japanese exercise equipment.

In Forbes 2017 list of the highest earning celebrities, Ronaldo reportedly pulled in $93 million last year, making him the highest paid athlete in the world for the second consecutive year. In 2014 he made $80 million. There must be something about soccer stars and paying their share because last year Lionel Messi was convicted of tax fraud.

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