Copa America Organizers Play Wrong National Anthem For Uruguay [Video]

Before Uruguay and Mexico kicked off their opening Copa America group stage match on Sunday the ceremonial playing of each country’s national anthem took place. Unfortunately, Uruguay never got to hear its anthem, as the organizers of the event played Chile’s anthem instead.

The Uruguayan players stood there in stunned silence as another South American country’s anthem blared over the PA system at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Copa America’s organizers have apologized for the massive screw up. A statement released by them read as follows:

“This evening during the pre-match ceremony, due to human error, we inadvertently played the incorrect National Anthem. We sincerely apologize to the Uruguayan Federation, the Uruguay National Team, the people of Uruguay and to the fans for this mistake. We will work with all parties involved to ensure such an error does not occur again.”

To add insult to injury, Uruguay lost the match 3-1.

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