Big Fat Goalkeeper Faces Gambling Probe For Eating Pie During Match [UPDATE: Shaw Has Resigned From Sutton United]

Non-league side Sutton Town drew Arsenal at home in the FA Cup. Sutton United’s reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw, who is 46 and weighs 280 pounds, was spotted on camera eating a meat pie during the match (when all the substitutes had been used).

And here he is, uh, hanging out at the bar during half-time.

UPDATE: Becoming an international hero does not come without costs, however. Shaw has been forced to resign his place at the club over the incident.

The problem was Shaw admitted that he ate the pie with full knowledge there was an 8-1 prop bet he would eat one during the match. This sparked the English Football Association and Gambling Commission to launch an investigation.

Soccer does have an endemic problem with match-fixing of all sorts. The rules are there for a reason. Though, this is may be the stupidest violation of them.

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