Here Are Our Winners For The 9 Stupidest/Popular Prop Bets Of Super Bowl 51

Except for the one year of my life that I actually won $5,000 on Super Bowl boxes, the prop bets might be my favorite bets during the BIG GAME. Why? Because one-sided Super Bowl games can be boring and the bets keep my interest. Also, they are largely idiotic and only a idiot would ever bet $100 on the color of Gatorade without some kind of inside information. Well, that idiot is me!

So without further ado… here are the 10 stupidest prop bests of Super Bowl 51 and the winning bet for each.

What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the U.S. national anthem? (Bovada)

Blue Jeans 1/2
Any other pants or shorts 3/2

Winning bet: Blue Jeans

As a huge Luke Bryan fan, I’ve seen this dudes attire a few times (don’t take that statement the wrong way). He’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. And if you Google image search “Luke Bryan Concert” you will not find him performing in anything other than jeans. However, what color those jeans will be is the mystery. I know the Super Bowl is a big stage, but it’s not a formal. It’s a pizza and chicken wings kind of affair and that’s blue jeans territory. So with that being said, I take Luke in the blue jeans.

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How Long Will It Take Luke Bryan to Sing the U.S. National Anthem?

Over 2:15: -120
Under 2:15: -120

Winning Bet: Under 2:15

Ok, as your reading this, try and sing the National Anthem from start-to-finish while timing yourself. Embellished all the parts one would, and should, embellish. The outcome…… You don’t even come close to going over two minutes. Luke Bryan’s last three anthems were used to get to the 2:15 mark, but if you ask me, it would take a real self-indulgent rendition to go over 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Odds the opening coin toss comes up …

Heads: 1/1
Tails: 1/1

Winning Bet: Tails

This is probably the most bet on prop bet at of all the 9 that I listed. Reason being, it’s a straight 50/50 chance of winning. No missed field goals matter, Gatorade colors are insignificant, and broadcast commentary has no bearing on the outcome. It’s just plain old luck. With that being said, I’ll go with the age old saying, “Tales Never Fails.”

Odds the team that wins the coin toss …

Defers: 1/2
Receives: 2/1

Winning Bet: Defer

Clearly whoever wins will defer. We know Belichick likes getting the ball after halftime. Everyone knows that. So why would the Falcons take the ball and give him what he wants if they win the toss?

Odds on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach:

Orange: 7/2
Blue: 15/4
Clear/Water: 4/1
Purple: 6/1
Yellow: 13/2
None: 10/1

Winning Bet: Yellow

I have no factual information to justify my pick on this one besides Yellow Gatorade is the most consumed flavor of all their drink choices, so I will just go with the theory of probability.

Image result for FALCONS GATORADE

Odds on which company will air the first commercial (after the coin toss):

Bud Light: 25/1
Lexus: 30/1
Intel: 30/1
Skittles: 30/1

Wix: 30/1
TurboTax: 33/1
Avocados from Mexico: 35/1
Mr. Clean: 35/1
Hyundai: 500/1

Winning Bet: Bud Light

You’re getting decent odds on all of these so you might as well bet on the company that has deep ties to the NFL and the BIG GAME.

Odds on which brand will win best commercial (per USA Today’s ad meter):

Budweiser: 5/2
Hyundai: 4/1
Wix: 5/1
FIELD: 13/7

Winning Bet: The Field

I have no reasoning for this, but based on recent history, I don’t expect a lot from the three companies listed over the field.

What color will Lady Gaga’s hair be when she comes on stage for the halftime show? (Bovada)

Blonde 1/4
Any other Color 5/2

Winning Bet: Blonde

Gaga has entered a more “let’s look normal” phase in her career and I think she sticks with what she’s known for.

Halftime Show: Which Song Will Lady Gaga Sing First?

“Born This Way”: +225
“Bad Romance”: +250
“Edge of Glory”: +600
“Poker Face”: +1000
“Just Dance”: +1000
“Any Other Song”: +110

Winning Bet: Any Other Song

I’m not a big “Gaga” fan, so most of these songs outside my wheelhouse. So if your looking for a possible big pay day, then you can go with “Poker Face” or “Just Dance”, but we all know Vegas ain’t paying that shit, so I think the safe choice is “Any Other Song”.

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