Born: Edinburgh, Scotland 
From: Scotland 
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Blue
Instagram: missbrookelynette 
Photo/credits: Anna fowler, RVDS
About Brooke: I love MMA of course and boxing. I’ve always been into it since I was young and my love grew as I got older. I also love music, cooking, fashion & make up! 
Something Readers Wouldn’t Expect:
I have had an amateur boxing fight! Two years ago I trained for 9 months and won my first fight for charity.
What motivates you:
My job motivates me to get to the gym and work out. I live a healthy lifestyle and working at cage warriors motivates me to get up and go. There’s no time to slack as there’s so many shows you can’t afford to not train! 
Do you find it hard to balance work and personal life:

 I don’t find it hard to balance my career with my personal life yet, obviously I travel a lot so means I do miss certain things which is ashame but I’m so used to being away it would be strange for me not to have any plans to travel. My friends call me the bag lady as I’m constantly lugging a case around! Lol! Maybe if I was settled and had plans to have a family then definately would be a struggle to find a balance but right now I’m enjoying it. 

Name one thing you can’t live without:

I cannot live without Vaseline for my lips! 

What kind of girl were you growing up:

I was a quiet girl growing up, I went to an all girls school which was strict. So I grew up quite shy and hard working. 
Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Craziest thing I’ve ever done is my boxing fight. walking to the ring I was thinking what am I doing!? But it was great fun! 

What has changed since becoming a public figure:

Maybe peoples perception of me had changed. They will see a certain pic or something and they’ll automatically presume I’m like this or like that. People judge before they meet which is ashame but that’s just the way it is nowadays. 

What is one thing you’d love to see happen:

 I would love to see world peace, I turn on the news and it’s just upsetting to see so many countries at war with one another. 

If you could go anywhere right now where would you go? 

I would absolutely love to go to Africa, to work with children charities. It’s something I’ve always said I’m going to do but haven’t yet had time, it’s on my list. 

What is your favorite sport: 

MMA is of course my favourite sport! Would be pretty hard to work full time for an mma promotion if I didn’t love it. 




Photography: Anna fowler, RVDS

Edited by Josh Pacheco

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