Special Feature: NSG UFC Cover Girl: Shannon Ihrke


shannon-ihrke-19Born: Small town northern Minnesota
From: Walker, MN
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @shannonihrke
Facebook: Shannon Ihrke
Official Site: www.shannonihrke.com


Meet Shannon:

I am originally from a very rural area in Northern Minnesota where I grew up riding horses, drinking beer in the middle of the woods with friends, and fishing with my dad. I went to college for a short time after high school and then joined the Marine Corps. After spending 4 years on active duty and getting out honorable as a Sergeant I decided to try my hand at modeling. Turns out it worked out because now you’re asking me for an interview! 😉

Loves: (Name a few of your favorite things) I love God, my family and friends, playing pool, going camping, going to concerts, working out, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and I LOVE my job! I’m currently the spokes model for 97.9FM The Loop (the biggest classic rock radio station in Chicago).

Check them out here: www.wlup.com

Shannon Ihrke


*Tell our readers something about yourself they would not have expected?

I love public speaking. I know for a lot of people it can be a fear, but it’s something I honestly love to do. Nothing beats being an MC for a big event! I was on my high school speech team since I was in 8th grade and actually placed in our state varsity competition that year! I guess if that makes me a nerd, than at least I’m a nerd that can talk! I also love to write and I do have a blog on my website, feel free to check it out: http://www.shannonihrke.com/blog/

*What motivates you?

Myself. I’ve always been my own biggest critic. I know what I’m capable of so that definitely drives me to continue to push myself to become not just a better model, but a better individual altogether.



*Do you find it hard to balance your career with your personal life?

Honestly, when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. I have definitely had to make sacrifices in my personal life due to my chosen career path, but I knew that that was something I’d have to part with from the very beginning. I think the only hard part is that people think they know me because they read things about me or google me but in reality, I’ve a very private individual. I don’t like to go around telling people my life story.

*Name the one thing you can’t live without.

I can’t name just one. It would have to be my two best friends and my father, they are my rock.

*What kind of girl were you growing up?

I was and will always be a daddy’s girl. I was also a big tomboy. I played soccer with the boys, I played hockey, and I used to dream of being in the WNBA! How crazy is that?! I was also an overachiever; I was always very concerned with getting straight A’s in high school. I’ve always been able to relate to people very easily so I had a lot of friends in a lot of different ‘social circles’ so I suppose you would consider me a ‘social butterfly’.

*What has changed since becoming a model and public figure?

The biggest thing I’ve learned was who really cared about me and who didn’t very quickly. The friends that I thought would always be there for me disappeared and the people I didn’t expect to truly care about me really did! Other than that, I like to think not a whole lot has changed. I’m still am and will always be an easy going, strong-willed, small town girl from Minnesota. I never expected to be where I am today so I’m just very grateful.

*Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.

NO MORE TRAFFIC – express lines for everyone all the time! Haha 

*If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Even year my dad goes backpacking in the mountains of Wyoming. I’ve never been able to go because I’ve always been doing big modeling jobs during his trips, so someday I’d love to free up some time to go with him and my stepmom!

*Whats your favorite sport?

Hot dog eating contests!! Haha – just kidding. My favorite sport to play is soccer but my obsession is Mixed Martial Arts. I absolutely love watching MMA and I love it so much, in fact, that I needed a front row seat to the big fights so I became a ring girl! I’m currently a ring girl for Invicta Fight Championships! You can check them out there: www.invictafc.com




Photography: Nodak Photo, Pamela Photography, Markese Photo

Edited by Josh Pacheco

For Booking Info:  www.shannonihrke.com


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