Special Feature: Miss July 2013: Jennifer Irene Gonzalez

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Jennifer-Irene-Gonzalez-2-e1360278628228Born: California, United States

From: Rodondo Beach, California

Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JGmodeltalent

Facebook: facebook.com/JenniferIreneGonzalez

Official Site: JenniferIrene.com

Photo Credits: Wheels and Heels, Kaboom!, Kasanova, Vigore!, Chulo and MAXIM 


The internationally published magazine cover model, spokesmodel, singer and actress has been working around the globe to make Jennifer Irene a household name. The intoxicating Taiwanese-Spanish model was crowned Miss Taiwan USA in 2010 and placed top 5 in the Miss Asia USA competition. Soon after, a whirlwind of magazine covers, editorial features and billboards followed. Standing at 5’8” and rocking an awesome figure of 34D-25-35, it’s not surprising that Jennifer has earned a successful career as a high demand model.

She’s become an FHM darling with several magazine covers and spreads including FHM Slovenia April 2012 cover with Tera Patrick and Italia Kash and a multi-page spread in FHM Turkey June 2011 with celebrity Jenna Bentley among many many others. Her work doesn’t end with FHM either. Jennifer was named the face of Molarity Watch Group last year landing print ads in the pages of Esquire and Rogue Magazines. Since the start of 2013, she has landed covers or features in Wheels and Heels, Kaboom!, Kasanova, Vigore!, Chulo and MAXIM Korea Magazines.

In addition to her print work, Jennifer is the official spokes-model for VP Racing Fuels and travels the states promoting, “The World Leader in Racing Fuel Technology.” Motorsport fans from national events such as Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and The Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) were able to meet with Jennifer and receive signed calendars and posters exclusively from VP Racing Fuels.

Along with her spokes modeling work, Jennifer has been featured on FOX 10, Good Day LA, KUSI, San Diego’s leading morning news show, Telemundo Tu Estillo and Kababayan LA, Southern California’s only daily Filipino television show.

Loves: Surprises, Making people smile, Making things last, Randomness, Taking long showers, the Beach, Animals, Fast cars, Friends & especially Family.
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*Tell our readers something about yourself they would not have expected?

“I’m a great foster mom…. to many, many animals! I’m almost always fostering a kitten. I take care of them until I can find them a good forever home. This makes my house a complete zoo, but I love those little fury friends. And I have this random fear of running out of things. I often shop a lot and overstock on things just to be sure I don’t run out. My cabinets are so packed!”

*What motivates you?

“My family and fans/followers. They have been such a strong support team since the beginning. They are the ones that have helped me live my dream, so I work my butt off everyday for them. I live for them. :D”

*Do you find it hard to balance your career with your personal life?

“I did find it hard at first, but honestly it’s become a lifestyle. It’s a difficult little balancing act, but I believe I’ve found a formula. I build downtime into my calendar. I set aside time for activities that I enjoy, which gives me things to look forward to.”

*Name the one thing you can’t live without.

“My cell phone. I rely on it so much for staying organized and in touch with everyone. And it’s a lot of fun using it for documenting experiences with photos and video.”

*What kind of girl were you growing up?

“Growing up, I was pretty in tact with my studies taking a full load, so I was not one who partied much. Although I might have been a lil book worm, I was nominated biggest flirt in high school, so that should explain a lot.”

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*What has changed since becoming a model and public figure?

“I’ve been able to raise awareness about specific causes and donate a lot of my time to charity. These are just a couple of the perks of being a public figure.”

*Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.

“I wish that people would act more grateful for what they’ve been given and appreciate what they work for more often rather than complain about what they don’t have. I think that’s a big problem with our society. There are a lot of people who work very hard for less than what a lot of people have and aren’t complaining but sometimes it seems like those that have it all are always complaining about what they don’t have. I feel so blessed for all I have and work very hard to maintain what I’ve earned and appreciate what my hard work has brought me.”

*If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“I think I’ll always choose Paris! I love all the outdoor seating, the fresh food and people watching. LOVE it!”

*What’s your favorite sport?

“Basketball. I really enjoy being at the games. I love my Clippers!”





Photography: Wheels and Heels, Kaboom!, Kasanova, Vigore!, Chulo and MAXIM

Edited by Josh Pacheco

For Booking Info:  http://www.jenniferirene.com


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