Q&A with NSG International Cover Girl: Jade Newby



Born: 05/06/1990
From: Doncaster, England.
Hair Color: Blonde/ brown
Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @jadenewby01
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jade-Newby/572286039464401
Offical Site: Coming soon

 Meet Jade:

Hi my name is Jade Newby I am a 22 year old fashion / glamour model based in Doncaster, England.

I have been modelling for around a year now and I am having the time of my life! In my spare time I love to socialise, spend time with my friends and family and I am currently learning how to Dj which is great fun! I am very passionate about music and love all different types but my most favourite is R’n’B especially old school.

I am a huge animal lover. I have three dogs that go by the names of Tinkerbell, Minnie and Alfie, two of them are Chihuahuas and one is a boxer. I also have a horse named Tony and a cat named Tia. They are the most cutest things ever!

I am working very hard to make my dreams come true and I hope to be a successful well known international model and I am working my socks off to get to where I want to be!

Watch out!!

jade sofa x 


 *Tell our readers something about yourself they would not have expected?

I am currently learning how to Dj and it is going very well so far. I absolutely love music I could not live without it!

*What motivates you?

The main thing that motivates me is wanting to make my family and myself proud and to be as successful as possible. They have given me a great start in life and I want to give them everything that I can.

*Do you find it hard to balance your career with your personal life?

No, I don’t find it hard I am fully focused on my career and in my spare time I always make time to spend with my loved ones and have me time.

*What unique qualities separate you from other models?

My drive and passion to be a successful international model. I am also a nice genuine Lady who generally gets on with everyone.

*Name the one thing you can’t live without.

There are a few things I could not live without but the main thing I couldn’t live without is my family they mean the world to me.

*What kind of girl were you growing up?

Growing up I was a very polite, well mannered, fun loving girl.

I was always out socializing with friends, having fun and living life as though there was no tomorrow!

*What has changed since becoming a model and public figure?

Not a lot I wouldn’t let anything change me as a person I am a very grounded.

*Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.

For there to be no racism that is one thing I cannot tolerate and for people to treat others the way they wish to be treated.

*Whats your favorite sport? and professional athlete?

My favourite sport is football and my most favourite professional athlete would have to be David Beckham he is a great role model and what he is doing at the moment donating his wages to charity is absolutely amazing! What a man!





Credits: George Davison, John Groves and Mountersphotography, Gavin Whitelaw.


Edited by Josh Pacheco

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