Special Feature: Q&A with NSG UFC Cover Girl – Kristie McKeon

TUF-Smashes-Ring-Girls-Kristie-McKeon-and-Kahili-BlundellBorn: Sydney, Australia
From: Copacabana NSW Australia
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kristiemckeon
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kristiejanemckeon
Offical Site: www.kristiejane.com
Photo Credits: Neil Dixon


MEET Kristie: 

I was born on 1st January 1990. 

Originally from Australia, Kristie knew from a young age the things that interested her were design and modeling.

After pursuing her dream of becoming a Graphic Designer and achieving an Advanced Degree in Design and Communications she knew her other passion was modeling.
Kristie began modeling at the age of 17 and has now modeled in Australia for some great brands and magazines also across some other parts of the world.

In 2012 Kristie was chosen as the Australian Octagon Girl for the UFC Ultimate Fighter Series TUF Smashes and worked at UFC on FX 6 in the Gold Coast and she continues to work with the UFC into 2013.

Loves: Fitness, Eating Healthy, Surfing, the Beach, Shopping, Animals, Traveling, Friends, Family & of course the UFC!



QUESTION & ANSWER with Kristie 

*Tell our readers something about yourself they would not have expected?


“Hmm, I always find these questions hard, maybe that I have a degree in design and communications, my birthday is new years day and also I’m super flexible, for some reason all of my joints are hypermobile so thats my fun party trick that sometimes grosses people out.”


*What motivates you?


“I have a really great support network around me and some very motivational people, my best friend is a model entrepreneur and shes always working so hard and to see her achievements really motivates me to work harder every day and never give up. Also my boyfriend is really motivational he has a strong mindset and knows what he wants and that he can have it if he works hard enough. Seeing people this close to me achieve their greatest dreams motivates me to chase mine, you can do anything you put your mind to.”


boxing red

*Do you find it hard to balance your career with your personal life?

“Sometimes, I travel a lot and if I’m unable to work in that country it makes it quite hard for me to pursue my career and have fun at the same time. I guess its all about preparation and making the right decisions for where I want to be in the future but sometimes its hard too choose the right thing when on one hand theres fun and travelling and on the other hand theres work and future career.”


*Name the one thing you can’t live without.

“My phone! I take it everywhere, whether I’m using it for work or emails or selfies(ha) or twitter I’m always using it. Phones are so useful now I do everything from it I invoice people, do all my banking from there, book flights, keep in touch with people etc if it ever dies I’m lost!”


*What kind of girl were you growing up?

“I was a tomboy! Such a tomboy, climbing trees, skating, biking and surfing. I still surf but dont climb trees anymore ha I broke my arm 4 times growing up just from doing stupid stuff like jumping off 2 story balconies on to trampolines… not fun when you miss the trampoline.”


*What has changed since becoming a model and public figure?

“I know that I have to be more of a role model, I have to keep a certain appearance like going to the gym and eating healthy, I’ve always been active but now I have to keep my body in certain shape, I have to understand that when your in the public eye you will receive criticism and that people aren’t always going to be kind but to take the good with the bad.”


*Name the one thing you would love to see happen in this world.

“Peace! I know that sounds like a Miss Congeniality pageant but I’m serious, there is way too much war and hate in this world. I have been affected by this and it is becoming too common that a persons life is taken for granted, we are all the same, we may believe in different things and have different opinions, different religions, race, gender etc but never enough to physically hurt someone or take someones life it not only affects that person but a whole network of people connected to that person; families, friends, colleagues. We need more love!”


*Whats your favorite sport?

“Mixed Martial Arts! I live and breath it now, I began working at a mixed martial arts gym in Sydney where I fell in love with the sport, I met my partner and now we travel around the world wherever he trains and fights and I’m also the Octagon Girl for the UFC in Australia which I’m absolutely loving and hoping to take it further.”




Photography: LHG FX, David Goddard, Kris Josef, Arsenik Photography, Derek Heisler, Trevor Godinho

Edited by Josh Pacheco

For Booking Info:  www.kristiejane.com


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