Sidney Crosby Possibly Suffered A Concussion After Taking A Cross-Check To The Head [Video]

The Pittsburgh Penguins loss game 3 in overtime on Monday night, dropping their first game of the series. However that’s not what hurt the Pens the most, as their star Sidney Crosby took a vicious hit from former teammate, Washington Capitals defenseman Matt Niskanen.

Watching it a few times, the hit looked inadvertent and not dirty. Crosby had gotten knocked off balance, and Niskanen couldn’t change course before drilling Crosby in the head with a cross-check.

Crosby has a bad history with concussions; hopefully this is not as bad of a situation as it looks upon first glance. Not only for Crosby’s sake, but for the Pens who will need Sid the Kid in this series to defeat the Caps.

“We’re hopeful first of all that that won’t be the case,” Sullivan said of the possibility Crosby could be out for a while. “But I think this group has so much character and talent that we’re able to endure the injuries that we have. We’ve done it all year long. We did it again tonight. And we’ll continue to do it.”

That depth of stars is what has made the Penguins so hard to beat. It’s also why they think they can survive without all of them.

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