Predators Fan Orders 93 Coors Lights = $1100 Bar Tab During Game 4 Of The Stanley Cup Finals

The city of Nashville is one big party right now, especially after the Preds tied their series against the Penguins on Monday night. Well, one Predators fan enjoyed the game a hell of a lot more than everyone else in the arena, as a reddit user uploaded this photo of one fan’s massive bar tab that amazingly includes 93 orders of Coors Light.

SBNation caught up with the fan and he explained how he spent so much last night.

Via SB Nation

“I flew in from Madison, WI, and I met a buddy that flew in from Brooklyn, NY. We both moved away from Nashville about 12 years ago, and we have remained loyal Predators fans. Even though we didn’t have tickets to the game, we wanted to be in Nashville for the first Stanley Cup Final. We met up with our buddies who still live in town. Wanting to watch the game in a bar downtown, we got to Rippys at 11 am, and stayed until it ended.

“We drank the majority. The guy who posted the Reddit account introduced himself as Chuggy Bear, Chuggy for short. We got tagged with someone else’s Yazoo Pale Ale and Blue Moon.The Patron shots were shared with the table next to us. We never ordered a round for another group, but since we had been getting buckets of Coors Light, we were more than happy to share.”

Damn, that’s having a good time. CHEERS!

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