New Jersey Devils Fan Wins Season Tickets With One Seven Word Tweet

Season tickets for any major sports team are very expensive. So one New Jersey Devils fan named Nick Donnelly decided to try his luck with his favorite team by asking them how many retweets he would need for the organization to gift him season tickets.

You would think that this tactic would never work, but the team actually responded to the tweet.

The team threw some math his way to decipher the number of retweets the teen would need to get his season tickets.

Via News 12 New Jersey:

The number of years the team has been in New Jersey (35) multiplied by the combined numbers of the team’s five retired players’ numbers (4+3+27+30+26) and multiply that by the number of Stanley Cups the Devils have one (3) equals 9,450 retweets.

Mix in a touch of publicity with some help from the team’s stars…

And within 8 hours, Nick reached the milestone.

Pretty good pull for a teenager considering that according to the Devils’ website, the most expensive tier of season tickets go for $15,500 and the nosebleeds go for $1,238.

I will be tweeting all my favorite sports teams this weekend.

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