NBC’s Mike Milbury On Sidney Crosby Grinding P.K. Subban’s Head Into The Ice: “He Had It Coming”

NBC broadcaster Mike Milbury is only a month removed from saying P.K. Subban is a “clown” who deserved a “rap on the head” for daring to get loose during warmups by dancing on the ice. He’s now continued his bashing of the Predators defenseman, saying tonight that Subban deserved to get his head repeatedly shoved into the ice by Sidney Crosby:

The altercation went on for an extended period of time (with a referee keeping close watch right over top of them) before both players were eventually assessed two-minute minors for … holding.

Given Crosby’s response to Subban’s bad breath comment (“he just likes the attention”) as well this little situation here it is pretty clear he is not the biggest fan of Subban on the ice.

Per Milbury, the play was simply “cagey”; nothing is so shrewd and clever as unnecessary violence, right?


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