Joel Ward’s Game-Winning Goal for the Capitals Led to Nasty Racist Comments on Twitter

Washington’s Joel Ward scored the game-winning goal last night against the Boston Bruins. The goal should have been notable because it came in overtime of Game 7 against the defending Stanley Cup champion. Of course, Joel Ward isn’t white. Thus, his race quickly took center stage. You can read all the n-word-laced tweets here.



Some people probably want to blame the vile reaction on Boston fans, but I’m sure there are plenty of idiots throughout the country who were watching hockey and were surprised to see a black guy score a goal. Like every one of these pathetic stories – be it in hockey or soccer – it’s surprising that people would actually still use this word.


If you were wondering, Ward is Canadian. His parents are originally from Barbados.














Video: Ward wins the game in OT.



[via Crossing BroadBlack Sports Online, ]


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